40-Day Coaching Guide (Paperback)


A Spiritual Journey for Entrepreneurs and Marketplace Believers.

Do you spend time in the Word of God daily and seek for wisdom for your work life? What if you spent the next 40 days with your Father to hear what he says about your business and personal life? Dare to take up the 40-day challenge!

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In Mark 1:35, it reveals that every day before daylight, Jesus would go somewhere alone to pray. Jesus knew that if His ministry was to be successful, He couldn’t rely on his own skills and talents, but on His relationship with the Father. The Biblical Entrepreneurship 40-day coaching guide is a tool for entrepreneurs who want to seek God’s wisdom about certain business aspects; it gives you ways to pray and practical ways to apply what you learned to your daily life. This book is a 40-weeks compilation of our weekly e-devotion email. Each day includes a scripture of the day, a topic study based on the scripture, a prayer pattern based on the study, an application, and two other scriptures for you to reflect on. The application and scripture are to help you use what you just learned. We also have a notes section for you to write down any notes the Lord gives you while you study. This devotional can also be a tool to journal your time with God, your prayer requests, your weekly commitments, and the insights He reveals to you. My prayer is that you will actively use this devotional book to help you, in the next 40 days, to get closer to your Father and to fulfill His plans for your life and business. So go ahead and take up the 40-day challenge!


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