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Seven Steps to Achieving Financial Victory Through Biblical Entrepreneurship

Within NBJO, Patrice shows you how to thrive in stewardship with all God has entrusted you, in challenging the way we think about our finances as well as revealing to us how God sees our finances! You’ll also hear Biblical Entrepreneurship testimonies from other clients Patrice has helped to encourage you along your own journey. You’re not alone, purchase Nothing But a Jar of Oil to practically and biblically achieve financial victory in your life!

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About the Author
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PATRICE TSAGUE is a Christian business trainer, entrepreneur, international speaker, preacher, author, and business coach. Patrice specializes in helping families incorporate their faith into their business practices, ensuring that their businesses are able to exist beyond the third generation. Patrice has trained and coached over 15,000 individuals on how to start or expand their businesses using business training and coaching principles found in the Bible. Patrice is the author of several books and training curriculums. He also publishes a weekly e-devotional and podcast for entrepreneurs and business executives that are released to over 4,000 individuals globally. He also serves on the board of several organizations. Patrice and his wife, Gina, have two beautiful children, Gabrielle and Danielle Tsague. The Tsague family resides in Vancouver, Washington.

There is truth—immutable biblical truth—contained in the pages that follow. Patrice has produced a masterpiece on the biblical perspective of starting and operating a business.

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Amazon Reviews

My friend recommended the book to me. It provided biblical insight on finances. It made me take a second look at borrowing and lending money differently.

I found myself re-visiting old dreams and projects of old – abandoned by setbacks and discouragement in my life. Nothing but a Jar of Oil, re-ignites passion and dreams and stimulates the desire to move forward in new things. This book does it in a biblical way and provides the steps to realize what God has already deposited in each and every one of us.

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Nothing But a Jar of Oil highlights the real-world struggles of day-to-day business from real business owners, and how they overcame realizing these 7 steps of financial victory through Biblical Entrepreneurship. You can begin to realize what God has deposited in you and how to maximize it to build a Kingdom business.

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