On June 3, 2010, The Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development “Success”, Ternopil, Ukraine; together with Nehemiah Project International Ministries, USA and Regent Center for Entrepreneurship, USA held a business plan competition for those individuals who have completed the Biblical Entrepreneurship Certificate Program. 20 entrepreneurs participated in the competition.

The competition was judged by prominent business owners from the US and the Ukraine. The judges were Patrice Tsague – Director of Nehemiah Project International Ministries and author of the Biblical Entrepreneurship program; Rod and Yulia Friesen – business owners; Ivan Papish – Director of the “Success” Center; Giorgyi Tkachuk and Evgeniya Cherniy – Entrepreneurs.

11 entrepreneurs presented their business plans to the judges; each spending well over two and a half months constructing their business plans to meet the rigorous criteria.

The criteria for evaluation encompassed 11 strategic points:
The Presenter clearly:
1.  Expressed how their business will glorify the Lord.
2.  Described the need the business will satisfy
3.  Showed how business will satisfy the need while making a profit
4.  Showed the business’ prospect for success
5.  Showed resources business will need to accomplish its objectives
6.  Showed the benefits to lender, investor or donor
7.  Showed how business will build the Kingdom of God on Earth
8.  Communicated his/her business idea
9.  Delivered their message
The Presenter:
1.  Dressed appropriately
2.  Used visual aids effectively

The winner of the business plan competition was Biblical Entrepreneur Oleg Karpik. He received an all expense paid trip to the US to attend NPIM Weekend in Atlanta, GA in September 2010.  Second and third place winners were Yuriy Mamus and Vitaliy Vasiliev. They were rewarded with a trip to the US and they only need to pay for their flight and traveling.  Currently the Nehemiah Project is developing a microloan program so that the businessmen who presented their business plans will have opportunity to receive the loan (credit) on a low interest rate.

Everyone who desired to take part in the development of Biblical businesses in Ukraine have the opportunity to invest financials into that fund to spread the Kingdom of God and to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.