January 18th was like coming home for Theresa Gregory, Joshua Shaw and Jeff Davidson, as they arrived in London. Their purpose was twofold: to hold a Teacher Certification class in London and a BE 1 class in Scotland. The UK made up of England, Wales and Scotland is Nehemiah Project’s newest country partner.

On the first leg of their trip to the UK, they held a Teacher Certification class for 8 students in London. Over the past 3 years, the team led by Theresa Gregory, have held classes previously with these same students. In the course of that time, the team has built a close rapport with them. In a sense, these students have pioneered the way for BE in the UK. This Teacher Certification class is a culmination of that hard work. At the conclusion of the class, Theresa prayed over and commissioned the teachers.

On the second leg of their UK trip, the team traveled to Scotland. They held a BE 1 class for 19 students. Many of these students found themselves either in the wilderness or coming out of it. One student who lost his Taxi business asked Josh this question. “What do you do when you’re stuck and lost?” Josh stopped teaching and took the opportunity to minister and pray over him. A couple from the Netherlands, Marcel and Belinda Nagtegaal, heard about the BE 1 class and felt led to attend. They had just sold a digital media business and were asking God for the next step.

Josh pointed out that most of the students were in a state of transition, looking for the next step. One gentleman shared how his town had been adversely affected by the loss of employment. The oil industry had left 65,000 people without jobs. In every BE 1 class there is an opportunity for teachers to encourage students. There are many examples of the team taking those opportunities. Josh remembers Jeff giving this word of encouragement to a Scottish farmer; “God is going to use you to revive a lost art and raise up a new generation of farmers.”

The trip completely met the team’s expectations and they are returning to the UK in spring or summer to offer more classes. They have scheduled a BE 1 class and a BE 2 class. By the end of 2016, they will have completed the full cycle of training. Well done to our newest country partner!












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