Do you know a teenager interested in starting a business?  Do you know a teenager who would to like to receive advice from a local business leader? What about a teenager who might want to win a cash prize for engaging in a little teamwork and friendly competition among their peers? If this sounds like any teenagers you know, form a team and sign them for the Biblical Apprentice!

The Biblical Apprentice is designed for students, ages 11 -18, to help them learn the value of teamwork, biblical ethics and all aspects of doing business God’s way.

The Biblical Apprentice features instruction that centers on Biblical Entrepreneurship and shows students the process of taking an idea from conception to developing it into a profit-making kingdom business through teamwork.  The students engage in business games that demonstrate the value of the free market and the positive impact of trade in society, learn Biblical application for their day-to-day lives regarding God’s commands for earning money, stewardship, leadership and healthy competition and receive coaching and mentoring by executives and owners of local kingdom businesses.

At the end of the day students will compete in a Mini Business Plan Competition to win cash prizes!


   * 1st Prize $500     * 2nd Prize $250     * 3rd Prize $125

Statistics show that today’s youth have a strong desire to pursue entrepreneurship and studies show that youth who participate in entrepreneurship programs do better academically, have stronger interpersonal skills and relationships and are more prepared to find employment and pursue career opportunities in a highly-competitive job market.

Start forming your team today and then visit our Class Search page to sign up for the Biblical Apprentice in your area!

2013 Biblical Apprentice Schedule:

*May 11th – BE Orlando, FL.
*June 15th-   WLI – New England (Providence, RI)
*August 3rd – Pasadena, CA
*October 26th – Portland, OR
*TBD – Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD