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This new course addresses the current economic crisis by helping businesses operate based on moral convictions and for the common good.

Retired Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said, “I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well”.

It is unfortunate that Wall Street and Washington itself have not lived up to these simple words of wisdom from our retired Fed Chairman. This would have prevented our current economic disaster, which is simply the result of greed.  Our nation is being destroyed by greedy corporations, greedy investors, and greedy politicians all seeking their own interests.  What our economy needs most right now is a new insurgence of entrepreneurs who are committed to doing business based on moral convictions for the common good not just for personal self-interest.  These entrepreneurs will not only be able to revive our economy through job creation, they will also be able to finance and hold a new breed of politicians accountable to restoring all levels of government to the good and decent values of our forefathers. This is exactly what the Nehemiah Project International Ministries hopes to accomplish through its new entrepreneurship course titled; “On Purpose Inc – Principles of Entrepreneurship Success”.

The Nehemiah Project International (NPIM), headquartered in Portland, Oregon since December 2009, is an international business training and support organization founded in 1999 in Washington, DC.  NPIM works in partnership with churches, educational, and marketplace organizations to provide high quality comprehensive and transformational entrepreneurship training and support for small to medium size businesses around the world.

On Purpose Inc. – Principles of Entrepreneurship Success is a value based version of their popular Biblical Entrepreneurship course.  On Purpose Inc. uses the same basic principles in non-biblical language to demonstrate that good and honest business dealing should be the aspiration for all those who care about their employees, suppliers, community and country.  It is not just for business owners of one particular faith.

On Purpose Inc. makes the case that good and lasting businesses must be built not just for the benefit of one individual or a small few, but for the benefit of all, including consumers, suppliers, employees and the community at large.  Businesses can be a catalyst to transform communities and nations while serving as the engine of the economy.  The course has nine chapters that address the following topics:

  • Intro to entrepreneurship with a purpose
  • Character and integrity in business
  • The attitude of successful entrepreneur
  • Identify opportunities
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Solving problems
  • Business stewardship
  • Multi-bottom line profits
  • The entrepreneur as the Engine of the Economy

Throughout the course, quotes from famous politicians, educators, business, and spiritual leaders support each of the principles.  Stories of real life entrepreneurs and how they applied these principles will challenge participants to consider how to do the same in their businesses. Student entrepreneurs will also evaluate themselves to determine if they are truly committed to operating their business for the common good and not just for personal gain.  The course will be offered as a pilot on September 26th and 27th at George Fox University in Portland Oregon and at various times in the first half of 2012 before its full release through the Nehemiah Project network of partners around the world.

For more information about this course or The Nehemiah Project International visit our website at  or contact Debra Schlaht at 877-916-1180 ext 101.