Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Inc. (NPIM) in partnership with Bishop Allen T.D. Wiggins, Senior Pastor of The Hope Church, founder of Hope Center West and a pioneering actor in transforming Orlando’s Washington Shores neighborhood into a ‘live, work, learn, play and worship community’ are excited to launch a national Urban Initiative centered on NPIM’s Biblical Entrepreneurship program on January 27, 2015.

Patrice Tsague, Chief Servant Officer of NPIM, takes great honor in announcing that Bishop Wiggins will serve as NPIM’s Urban Initiative Chairperson. The purpose of this partnership is to coordinate a national collaborative strategy to serve the urban community with Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE) and Kingdom Business Coaching.  Wiggins will be responsible for advising NPIM on how to effectively serve the urban community, mobilize urban churches and business leaders as well as serving as a spoke person for the initiative.  The goal of this program is to increase the number of Christian businesses in urban communities thereby creating local jobs, reducing dependency and poverty while advancing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

NPIM and Bishop Wiggins will be working to develop a collaborative network of churches and ministries who desire to serve the urban community or who are located in or already serve their communities.  The hope is to raise a network of urban sensitive trainers and business coaches trained in Biblical Entrepreneurship and Kingdom Business Coaching. These trainers will coordinate BE seminars, classes, coaching and other business support services for small to medium size businesses and young entrepreneurs with partner churches, ministry and businesses in urban communities

Bishop Wiggins, a BE Alumni, believes the Biblical Entrepreneurship program “gives the startup entrepreneur and the established business person the environment to cultivate relationships that are essential to gaining traction in the kingdom economic system.”

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