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With a vision to expand Biblical Entrepreneurship throughout all French speaking countries, Pastor Gabriel Oleko (BE Partner France, Congo) hosted our Chief Servant Officer, Patrice Tsague, Mick and Kathy Owens (members of our Founders Club), a BE Certified Teacher and a BE Alumni couple along with their children this past May for a Paris, France Sustainable Vision Trip.

Pastor Gabriel and his New Horizon team passionately believe that Biblical Entrepreneurship is a vital tool to strengthen the local churches while bringing transformation to the marketplace.

Teachers began certification and BE III participants began to work on their business plans through the teaching of the Nehemiah Project team. The team also encountered intriguing Kingdom Business owners and visited with a French couple committed to taking the unconditional love of God to the streets of Paris.

DSC_0099Teacher Certification and BE III in Paris

To expand BE throughout France and other French speaking countries, the team began the certification of five BE teachers who desire to work with Pastor Gabriel. These teachers are already working in Paris and the Congo with plans to expand into the Ivory Coast and to Belgium.

Now that these teachers have completed their live certification course, they will engage in co-teaching live classes with already certified teachers. We will return in July to complete their certification with a ceremony to hand them their certificates.

Immediately after the certification training, the team joined a group of eight who were gathered for BE III. Amongst the businesses represented were two coaching/consulting companies and a fashion retail store. The students learned how to write a Kingdom Business plan and are currently working to finalize their plans to compete in July for the opportunity to represent France at the International Business Plan competition during Nehemiah Week in Orlando, Florida.

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Kingdom Business Tours in Paris

A 5-Star French restaurant and a virtual evangelism ministry were part of the Nehemiah Project team’s time.

Eduarto Jancito is a Brazilian who immigrated to France, served with some of the most well renowned chefs and later launched his own restaurant. His restaurant, Le Pario is now a Five-Star restaurant specializing in Gastronomy! Eduarto took BE after launching his restaurant but he shared with the team that the courses taught him to see his business as a ministry. “It also helps me to deal with problems from a Biblical perspective,” said Eduarto. Because he learned that he is a steward of God’s business, he is able to enjoy a deeper peace in operating his thriving business.

After enjoying lunch at Eduarto’s, the team connected with a group called Top Christian. Top Christian uses the most advanced technology to spread the Gospel through the Internet. They are committed to evangelism and discipleship.

Started by a former Assemblies of God pastor, this ministry is one of only a few who partner with the Billy Graham Association and other large organizations across the US and Europe. They hope to soon open a US base of operations.

Our prayer is that as BE grows in France there will be more successful Kingdom Entrepreneurs like Eduarto who will financially support ministries like Top Christian.

DSC_0120Street Evangelism in Paris

A highlight for the team was their interaction with a young street evangelism ministry. The ministry was founded by a French couple who have a passion to take the love of Christ to the streets, metro stations and under bridges where the homeless and displaced immigrants reside.

Currently they operate in 5 metro stops or bridges in Paris as they take coffee, water and cookies to serve and witness on Thursday evenings.

DSC_0004 (2)Historical Sights and Worship with the Body of Christ

In between teaching BE Certification, BE III, visiting Kingdom Business owners, and engaging with ministries, the team found some time to check out Paris. The group was thrilled to tour important historical sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Normandy and walking down the Champs-Élysées.

The trip ended with worship at the Evangelical Church of Paris where Pastor Gabriel is Senior Pastor. The team enjoyed Pastor Gabriel’s message, translated into English from French, and thanks to Pastor Gabriel, recalled the importance of our roles as ambassadors of Christ and how we are to be God reconcilers on earth.

The Nehemiah Project team was encouraged in their hearts to see evidence that God is moving in France through faithful ministers of the Gospel.

If you would like to learn more about the work in France and/or if you desire to participate in a future sustainable vision trip, email Debra at .