Congratulate Monique César Guillaume for being chosen as NPMI’s March Alumna of the Month.

In 1991, during political agitation in Haiti followed by a coup d’état, Monique and her husband and lost their jobs.  In the middle of this crisis, financially broke, God told Monique to start an Economics and Accounting Firm with her husband. By faith, they started their company without any material or equipment.  The almighty God has abundantly blessed their step of faith and today PAGS Cabinet D’ Experts-Comptables is established in the Haitian market as a leading firm with an expertise in accounting, auditing, and management targeting various sectors involved in the Haitian economy and business world. With its solid and significant experience acquired throughout its 24 years of existence, PAGS presents itself as an effective answer and solution to the constant demands and difficulties of the economic entities which are requesting these professional services more than ever before.

PAGS vision is to become the “Reference Firm” in the Haitian market and to contribute to the development and prosperity of the country.

PAGS Logo (3)

Their mission is to facilitate and to contribute to the sound and effective management of the institutions through our services while always stressing the importance of quality of work and integrity in business.

During its 24 years of experience, PAGS has differentiated itself from other firms not only by the quality of the services it offers but also by the values that guide its organizational culture and the behavior and work ethic of its employees within the firm as well as in collaboration with the clients.

The values of PAGS, based on its Christian philosophy, are the following:

  • Fear of God
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Professionalism and Competence
  • Quality of Work
  • Brotherly Love and Sharing

Please see the responses below to the questions Monique was asked regarding her experiences with NPIM and Biblical Entrepreneurship:

1.  How did Biblical Entrepreneurship impact your understanding of God’s plan for business?

By attending the BE seminars, I have learned to be a biblical entrepreneur, fully aware of the principles that God has established to manage His resources.

I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I master well the accounting standards. By attending the BE seminars, I have learned that each financial statement account is related to a scripture. It was amazing. And, in my mind was flashing the deep scope of this scripture stating ” Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so That You May Be Careful to do everything written in it. Then you Will Be prosperous and successful. (Joshua 1: 8). The Bible is truly a treasure.

2.  Why do you support Nehemiah Project?

Knowing that 83% of the Haitian population lives in poverty (World Bank source) is a burden for me. I do not understand how we got here. This is really unacceptable. This is why, for over twenty years, I keep praying the Lord for a change in this situation and I keep using every resource and tool He gave me to help the needy Haitian people. Three months ago, in a miraculous way, God put me in touch with the Nehemiah Project . By analyzing the program, I truly believe that this project is a response to my prayers and God is going to use it to change the miserable conditions of my country. Therefore I am devoted to the Nehemiah Project and I fully support it. It is a Godly Project.

3. What does it mean to you to operate a Kingdom business?

Operating a Kingdom business means that I am God’s Resources Manager. When I was born I brought nothing into the world, and it is obvious that I can not take anything at death (1 Timothy 6: 10). Therefore all the resources that I am using on this earth belong to God. And, I am only a God’s resources manager, and I depend totally on Him as it is stated clearly in John 15: 5, “Without Me you can do nothing”

Furthermore, like any kingdom, the Kingdom of God has its laws and regulations. These laws are related to: justice, business, health, education etc …. and are found in the Bible. Therefore, operating a Kingdom business means that the Christian must first know God’s laws relating to business and apply them in the management of the resources assigned to it for the glory of the Lord and for the well being of the citizens of the Kingdom.

Once again, please join us in recognizing Monique as March’s Alumna of the Month.

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