“Just three short years later, I’ve increased my income 12 times through BE” – Tawnya Landis, owner of Landis Fitness

There is a Chinese proverb that states: give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  At Nehemiah Project, we like to extend this proverb by saying: help him to start a fishing business and he will feed others. Your gift will keep on giving.

That was the case for Tawnya Landis, owner of Landis Fitness.  Three years ago, Tawnya reluctantly took Biblical Entrepreneurship because the instructor would not allow her husband in the class unless she joined him.  At that time, the Landis’ financial circumstances was such that they could not afford the class, so they opted to do a payment plan to make the class payments.  Though Tawnya and her husband had operated a successful business in the past, they hit hard times during the mortgage crises which led them to filing bankruptcy.  Through Biblical Entrepreneurship training, Tanya was able to turn her hobby into a thriving business, enabling her not only to take care of her family but also to become a major donor to Nehemiah Project, giving others the gift of business.  Her and her husband not only contribute financially, but they also serve as volunteers and participate in sustainable vision trips.
Join Tawnya Landis in giving the gift of business, enabling future entrepreneurs who will be able to build businesses that will provide for their families and be in a position to help others.
Sponsor one or more entrepreneurs for as little as 68 cents a day ($250 a year), or as much as $5 a day ($2,000 a year). Click here to donate today.
And – any gift you give will be matched 1 to 1, up to $80K, due to the generosity of some of our friends and board members!