Judgment and Criticism

I was reading a blog post by motivational speaker, Scott Wimberly and here is what he had to say…

“Be careful when you pass judgment, criticize and/or talk negative about someone. There will come a day when you will be judged, and the same way you judged them will be how you are judged. (Taken from Matthew 7:2) When you judge someone for something they have done; then in time, the same parameters you used for them will be used on you. It is true, what goes around comes around. Be careful how you talk about other people. Be sure you give others the benefit of the doubt. There will be a time when you will want grace and mercy; remember, the amount you give is the amount you will receive… Take the time to show mercy, grace and love in all situations you face. You make the only person that speaks in favor of someone. One day it will be you that is asking for someone to speak positive of you. You will be asking for grace and mercy.”

Recently, Tom and I have found ourselves in a particular situation where we felt harshly criticized. And just as Wimberly describes, we felt like we weren’t being valued or given the benefit of the doubt. Wow…did that hurt!?!

But…as only the Father can do…through the prompting of his Holy Spirit – I knew it was time to take my focus off this situation and look at what God was trying to teach me through the experience. As I took communion yesterday, I went to the Lord in repentance…asking Him to help me search my own heart and actions…that I might be given not only the power to forgive, but to receive my own…much needed…forgiveness, as well.

So today – in His never-ending grace – I choose mercy, love AND forgiveness.

How ’bout you?