Rather then handouts, we give hand-ups. 
Rather then handing out shoes, we build companies that make and sell shoes.
Rather then sending money from the US, we raise up entrepreneurs who are inspired to create jobs and fund their own local ministries. 
Check out the below video to learn more about the danger of current global missions and discover a new, international strategy to fight poverty. Make a contribution today to help us change the way we fight poverty around the world.  

Our solution: Biblical Entrepreneurship! 

Through Biblical Entrepreneurship, we inspire, equip and support kingdom entrepreneurship in 23 countries around the world.

See an example of what we are doing in the country of Haiti:


If you have not yet contributed to the Gift of Business Campaign, now is a good time to commit!  

Give the gift of business today by sponsoring one or more entrepreneurs. For as little as 68 cents a day or $250 a year, or as much as $5 a day or $2,000 a year click HERE.

Other ways to give while saving on taxes:

Through our planned giving initiative you can learn about ways to give AND save on your taxes!

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