The Nehemiah Sustainable Vision Trip – Haiti team had an amazing week in Port au Prince. Haiti February 2 – 8, 2015.  Debra Schlaht, Director of International Development with NPIM Sustainable Missionaries, Pastor Tami Firman and Nancy Russell, joined Haiti Country Partner, Pastor Ebed Paul to teach Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE II) and Teacher Certification.  We would like to thank Pastor Louighins Jean for his hospitality and guest house accommodations!  Even though his wife had just given birth to their first child, Shadrach, just two days prior, we received a warm welcome.   We were grateful to have a lovely room and outstanding meals!     


Pastor Ebed partnered with Mme. Monique Guillaume of PAGS CABINET D’EXPERTS-COMPTABLES to hold the classes at her local school and her business offices.  38 students attended the BE II course which included a mini-business plan competition.  Three students received loans in the amount of $100, $50, and $10 to further their business.  The loans are due in July 2015 at the Haiti Business Plan Competition.

Erby, a BE II student, summarized his experience by stating:

“I was a Christian, now I am a Biblical Entrepreneur!”

Click here to hear his powerful testimony about the impact of Biblical Entrepreneurship in his life.

The BE II students are completing their homework in preparation for the BE III:  Planning a Kingdom Business class March 9 – 12 in Port au Prince.

During our stay, Nancy Russell and I attended a Prayer for Haiti meeting as guests of Monique Guillaume.  Port au Prince Pastors, representatives from various NGO’s, and business leaders meet weekly to share information about their work and to pray for one another.  It was exciting to hear of the work being done and the September “Fun in the Son” Festival plans.



Teacher Certification class began on Friday, February 6th.  Fifteen students completed the course.  They are highly skilled communicators who are committed to transforming Haiti.  Building a strong core of teachers is the next step in making the BE Haiti program a self-sustaining program.  Pastor Ebed has developed an innovative business model that rewards teachers for completing the full cycle of training (BE I, II and III) with a minimum number of students, and a minimum number of businesses started.  This concept ensures teachers shepherd their students and help equip them to build businesses that takes care of the needs of the family.

Here are a few of the teacher’s remarks on why they want to be a Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Certified Teacher:

At the conclusion of the course, students recite their Covenant with NPIM.  I noticed that one student, Marie Chantal, had raised her right hand throughout the entire recitation. She was taking the covenant seriously and was swearing to follow the commitment she was making.  She then asked to share her testimony with the class.  She gave me permission to share it with you.

“I am the manager of everything at the business where I work.  I have keys to every desk, cabinet, and door.  I have access to everything.  If I had a need for something at home like soap, I took it from work.  If I needed any supplies, I did not think it was wrong to take it from my work.  After attending BE, I now know this was wrong.  I no longer take what is not mine.  I have asked God for forgiveness and grateful to Nehemiah Project for teaching me the difference between what is right and wrong.”

Her classmates surrounded her with hugs and praises for sharing her story even though it was difficult to share.  God is at work and using BE to make a difference in hearts and minds of students.

The Teachers celebrated the completion of the course with a rousing rendition of Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus”.  The Teachers will attend the BE III: Planning a Kingdom Business class to complete the cycle of training.   Five of the teachers will go to Pignon to begin the next phase of Certification which is co-teaching with a lead teacher.  Two other students will co-teach in Cap Haitian.


BE II classes were held in Cap Haitian and Pignon the week of February 9th.  Additional BE I classes are also scheduled in La Victoire and Pignon in the coming week.

BE III: Planning a Kingdom Business Training Schedule:

March 9 – 12:     Port au Prince   Patrice will be leading this session

March 12 – 15:  Pignon

March 16 – 19:  Cap Haitian

This is preparation for the BE Haiti Business Plan Competition July 10 – 11 in Port au Prince.  The winner will represent Haiti at the Nehemiah Week International BE Business Plan Competition in September.


Our thanks to the Sustainable Missionaries who volunteer their time, talent and treasure to support the program and students to make a difference in the lives of the Haitian people.  Without them, this work could not be accomplished.

  • Pastor Tami Firman
  • Nancy Russell
  • Rod Friesen

We also thank you, our donors.   Without your commitment to the people of Haiti and their struggle, we would be unable to provide the level of support that has seen hundreds of students in the program in such a short period of time.

Praise God for His Hand upon this work.  To Him be all the glory and honor!