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Licensee, Theresa Gregory of Mt. Vernon, OH held Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BEII) and Teacher Certification class at Trinity Assembly of God Church this past week.  We are pleased to announce that seven students completed both BE II and the Teacher Certification Training.  Among the graduates are Angela Mack from Silver Spring, MD and six members from Trinity Assembly of God, including Esther Nzishura, Dennis Hazen, Pastor Don Matolyak, Ray and Annette Vickers, and Jeff Davidson.  Theresa and her team will bring Biblical Entrepreneurship to the nation of Uganda in August as well as to Trinity members and the local community.   Congratulations to you all! 

May you go and teach others so that they may transform the marketplace with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  For more information about the BE program in Mt. Vernon Ohio or Uganda, please contact Theresa Gregory at