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Sustainable Missionary

Scott Landis is passionate about helping business owners achieve their business and personal goals through business coaching. Coaching is a proven effective method for helping business people achieve their vision and most desired goals. Scott is an active part of the
  Nehemiah Project family and has an incredible perspective to share on his time in Haiti this year. 
Moving Towards Alignment – Sustainable Missionary
by Scott Landis
I believe that living in alignment with your God-given purpose is the only way to really live. It’s the only way to experience the joy of true fulfillment. Living in alignment is the action part of pressing toward the goal that Paul refers to in Philippians 3. When living in alignment you can be assured you’re on the path to win that prize for which God has called you.

I took a giant step forward in my own journey to alignment. I love being a business coach. I love helping others discover their purpose and how that translates to the business world. I love empowering business owners to reach for alignment in their own lives. It’s easy to see I’m growing toward living in alignment, coaching and teaching entrepreneurs is what I was meant to do, I’m doing it and I love doing it. But for awhile now there has been something missing.

For sometime now I have felt called to the nations. I’ve had this desire to reach out and share my strengths with other people, in other parts of the world, to have an impact on other cultures. I’ve developed this longing to be all over the world teaching people that God has a purpose for them and showing them that they too can live in alignment with their purpose. It’s a big dream. It’s a God-sized dream. A year ago it still seemed way beyond my reach. So you can imagine my excitement and sense of expectation as I traveled to Haiti in July of this year.

On July 13th, as I was stepping onto the plane, I also knew I was stepping into my purpose. It was exhilarating. I was beyond excited to travel to Haiti as a member of the Nehemiah Project Initiative Mission to teach Biblical Entrepreneurship to budding entrepreneurs half way across the globe.

One of the things that I do as an alignment coach is to work with business owners in discovering who they are and what God created them to do. This is a journey that I am continually on myself. I am not totally perfect, and I don’t have everything figured out. God gives me direction to take this journey one step at a time.I want to share with you a significant moment  I had when I was in Haiti this past summer.

During my trip, a group of us volunteers were invited by some of the locals to attend their church. This was a church in the forest-  literally in the middle of nowhere. It was something I had personally never experienced before – praising God in a house of worship surrounded by nothing but trees and forest land.

As I was there praying, I had a surreal moment. At this church, in Haiti,  in the middle of a forest – I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I felt as if I had truly discovered what I was created to do, and I had found the right balance of aligning my purpose with my business, all in the name of serving Him.

My purpose, why I was created, was to become a Biblical Entrepreneur. Led by God, to serve in other countries and teach the foundation of how to run your business in the market place from a biblical perspective. I am a sustainable missionary of the Nehemiah Project, meaning that I use my foundation as a biblical entrepreneur and an alignment coach to serve and educate others in different countries.

I’m excited to share this part of my journey with you. I’m excited to tell you what I’m learning about alignment and how to spot moments of confirmation that you’re getting closer. Would you go on this journey with me? I think that would be great for both of us.

I am thrilled to announce that I will returning to Haiti at the end of October to do more of God’s work for the Nehemiah Project Initiative.

I’m very excited about the ministry we are doing in other countries and love for you to be a part of it. I would be honored to have you as a partner and fellow sustainable missionary. Join us and invest in the Nehemiah Project today.

The post Moving Towards Alignment – Sustainable Missionary appeared first on Scott Landis Coaching and has been adapted for this post with Scott Landis’ permission.

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