On July 1st we leave for South Africa to teach the 3rd course in the Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE) Certificate program, Planning a Kingdom Business (BE III). During our trip we will also teach the BE I course in Durban and Johannesburg.  The program was launched in South Africa five months ago in partnership with Crossover Transformation Group.  Since the launch of BE in South Africa, Crossover Transformation has offered BE I, BE II and BE Seminars in various regions of South Africa to include: Johannesburg, Durban and Cape TownWe are so excited to be going back to South Africa to teach the last course (BE III) and launch them into preparations for their local business plan competition in November 2012!  Please pray for Ben Franklin and myself as we work with these Kingdom Businesses in the next two weeks.  Crossover Transformation hopes to impact several spheres of influence in South Africa and we are delighted to join them on their journey to impact the business community.


Crossover - Nehemiah E-Community

Their vision:

  • Business being conducted ethically for the common good of all
  • Corruption-free government departments providing improved service delivery and easy access to all basic services
  • Systemic poverty being eradicated and every person having three healthy meals a day
  • The crime rate falling and offenders being rehabilitated into society
  • Biblically based foundational truths being taught in schools and to the next generation
  • Family relationships and structures being restored
  • The value and goodness of life being projected through the lens of media and the platforms of arts and entertainment

For more info on how to register for the upcoming classes in South Africa or to learn more about Crossover Transformation visit their website, http://www.crossovertransformation.co.za/.