Dear friends!

We would like to share with you the new opportunities that God has given us in to teach the Biblical Entrepreneurship course. February 6-8, 2012, a team of three certified teachers of the Center Success had the opportunity to teach Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship at the Kiev Theological Seminary “Grace and Truth.”  Participants included bachelor and mastor of theology students from different cities of Ukraine and Moldova.  According to the rector of the seminary, the doctrine of business was first taught in the theological schools of Ukraine.  This confirms that our doctrine is sound and correct, which is based on the Bible and teaches how to build a business for the kingdom of God, and not for personal gain. The uniqueness of this training is the fact that this audience comprised of 42 ministry and church leaders who will bring these principles in their churches.

Here is some feedback from participants:

Honestly, when I heard that we will have this subject, I thought we were going to learn how to make money under the guise of the Bible (the doctrine of prosperity).   I was disappointed, in a good sense. I had understood that the purpose of any business is money.  But your workshop has changed my understanding about this. Your seminar is the answer to many questions regarding practical Christian living, not just an entrepreneur.  In addition, the seminar in some ways strengthened me in those things that I already knew since I have seen and heard of people who not only speak, but live according to these principles.

Matveichuk Igor (Volyn region, Mr. Lyuboml)


A very important course, which divides the old stereotypes about business and gives a clear idea about the biblical business, as it was originally planned by God.

Kobylyanov Alexander (Sumy)


This time I took a lot of new things for myself. I changed my attitude towards money.  Much of this seminar I want to apply in my life.

Shandala Alex (Donetsk region, Dmitrov)


This is one of the best sessions that I attended.  The seminar answered many worldly and spiritual matters. Through this seminar God spoke to me. I also liked that the seminar was taught not only theory, but practice.  I am small businessman and for a while I always dreamed of becoming a farmer and tried, but I was worried that it must be wrong to be a Christian and a businessman.   But after this seminar, I will try to become a businessman in a biblical way.

Kozub, Anatoly (Zhytomyr region, P. Homutets)


We are pleased that you will not only teach in churches, but also in the seminary. Since students are the future preachers, pastor and ministers of God.  This changes the thinking of many people to know how to run a business, money, and even their lives. We would like to see you conducting the second and third parts of your course in the seminary.  They are very important.  We would like you to come to us in Moldova and hold such seminars.  May God bless your work on this earth and reward you for your work on earth and in heaven.

Sergey and Svetlana Pozdyrka (Kishinev, Moldova)


We believe that this is only the first step in working with Christian schools.  God opens new doors for us so that we can influence all spheres of society in Ukraine and beyond.

Thank God for your prayers and support. May God bless our ministry together to expand God’s kingdom on earth.

The Team of the Center Success.