We have recently returned from a trip to Ukraine where we conducted a BE II class with Ivan Papish in the City of Ternopil, hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship Success.  Over five European Eastern countries were represented in the training.   I also had a chance to preach at the largest church in Europe with 25,000 members, The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God in Kiev, Ukraine founded by Pastor Sunday Adelaja.

We will be returning to Ukraine on March 17 – 22 to conduct a BE III class in Ternopil and to minister again at The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God in Kiev.   We will be conducting a Business Plan Competition and graduation in Ternopil  June 3rd – 5th as well as a BE I class hosted by Pastor Sunday Adelaja at the Embassy of God on June 7th – 9th.

Please continue to pray for Ivan Papish and his team at the Center for Entrepreneurship Success as the Lord continues to use him to advance His work in Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe.

Special thanks to the Regent Center for Entrepreneurship and Dr. John Mulford for sponsoring this trip.

Highlights of recent trip!

picture highlight - Nehemiah E-Community