124141rt - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship CommunityGod chases after you.


He desires to have an affectionate, loving relationship with you through which he can reveal more of Himself to you. The question is would you describe your relationship with God as one that warms your heart OR one of duty.

I was attending a conference a few years ago when the speaker mentioned that she had to cancel an event where she was going to speak to several thousand women because she developed laryngitis.

She was so upset over this and felt defeated. She decided to get some time away for prayer and spend time at a friend’s beach home. While there, she crawled up in a rock and cried out to God asking Him why this had happened.  So many women could have been impacted for His Kingdom – this was such a disappointment and she couldn’t understand it.

Then God shared with her that He wanted her all to Himself.

He wanted time with her!

God feels the same way about you and me.   Ever been in love?  Remember those first few months of how much you wanted to be with that person?  God wants to be with you just as much and you can fall in love with him too!

Take some time today and each day to tell God you love Him. Close the door, close your eyes and just sit with Him until His presence warms your heart.

~Tammy Burke, Project Manager for Identity and Destiny