This June, our partners in Haiti held their 2016 Business Plan Competition with 13 competitors. The winners were:

  • 1st place: Beatrice Mathurin, Port au Prince: a teacher who plans to open her own preschool.
  • 2nd place: Daniel Saintus, Pignon: a pastor who plans to open a small grocery store to help his family and ministry become self-supporting.
  • 3rd place: Henock Ifraus, Port au Prince: another teacher who plans to open a Language and Post-Secondary Training school.

The next step is to begin gathering capital for them so their dreams can become a reality. What a powerful way to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness! We give thanks to God for this incredible opportunity to partner with our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Pastor Tami Firman is to be congratulated on this achievement as well. She coached most of the students through their business plans, and she coordinated the event from Oregon, working with Pastor Daniel in Pignon. It was a big step in leadership for the EB Haiti team to own and run the event without an American team on-site. We are extremely proud of their progress.

Congratulations to the winners of the Haiti BE competition. We are inspired by your example of faith, determination and courage!

The EB Haiti team held the competition in Pignon, and the dedicated Port Au Prince students traveled there to compete. These students continue to develop their skills and abilities to collaborate and host successful events and future BE classes. Through Sustainable Missions, Nehemiah Project aims to change the shape of the poverty industry and partner with others to sell “success, not poverty.” Our goal is to empower and encourage those in poverty with hope, and the lasting tools to succeed. We are extremely excited to see where God leads them in their future achievements and success. The students in Haiti are a great example for those of us who may not experience severe financial poverty, but instead, we often suffer with a spiritual or mental poverty that stops us from dreaming and believing God for all he has planned for us.

Again, congratulations to the winners of the Haiti BE competition. We are inspired by your example of determination and courage. Thanks be to God – the honor and glory is His!