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An Entrepreneur’s Path to Overcoming Domestic Violence.

An Entrepreneur's Path to overcoming Domestic Violence.

Domestic violence is defined as violence or other forms of abuse occurring in a domestic environment, such as marriage or cohabitation.

Often times, domestic violence starts with the smallest of actions like a slap which grows into something bigger and victims often ignore the first red flag.

Joan T Randal, an entrepreneur and an award winning author tells us her story which began with the promise of a better life but she ended up being a victim of domestic violence for seven years. She further tells us that most victims tend to lose themselves along the way as they adapted to their abuser’s behavior instead of breaking the cycle and standing up for themselves. Joan, continues to say that in spite of the ordeal, she managed to write a best seller book Bags on the Attic which has all the details of her story.

Victims of domestic abuse often find it hard to open up to people because of the stigma and the shame that comes with other people knowing that they are experiencing abuse. However when we start paying close attention to those around us we may help us get the clues we need to help them out of a said situation.

Angela Jenkins, Founder and CEO of Solarte Collections, states that domestic abuse can come in many ways including but not limited to control, manipulation, financial control among many others which she experienced for four years. She adds that when facing such situations, remembering that God is on your side helps you get through the abuse. Despite being maimed by her abuser, Angela stuck to the word of God and tis helped her break the cycle to become a successful entrepreneur.

We all know and understand that hurt people hurt people and this could be the origin of many people becoming abusers. A.W Burgess begins by stating that it is never a victim’s fault that they were abused. As a former trauma harbourer, A.W worked through his trauma to now come back to the society to permanently eradicate domestic violence.

The Bible says that it is by faith that we overcome the world. Whatever the world may look like right now, we need to remember that we are made to be overcomers. We need to get through our circumstances by faith because God always has a plan for our lives. God has an escape plan for those feeling oppressed.

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