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Can Anything Good Come Out of Haiti?

Have you wondered if all the efforts to help Haiti are making a difference? Can anything good really come out of Haiti? Despite the fact that most of the $13 billion invested by the U.S., the European Union, and other nations went to waste due to mismanagement and corruption, there are many success stories of Haitian entrepreneurs making a difference in Haiti.

In this season of giving, you can become an entrepreneur or job sponsor and give the gift of business to Haiti.

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Meet a couple of our Biblical Entrepreneurs who are committed to keeping their boots on Haitian soil while running their businesses and bringing innovation to a nation that has faced endless challenges.

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MEET MONIQUE: CPA / Haitian BE Trainer

Monique Guillaume (center right) is a seasoned CPA and Biblical Entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. She not only has her own thriving business, including a technical college, in Haiti but she also trains other Haitian entrepreneurs using the Biblical Entrepreneurship movement to transform her country. Her mission is to facilitate and contribute to the sound and effective management of each institution she touches by instilling quality and integrity standards in business through her faith.

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MEET ROSELA: CEO, Zazouty Ice Cream / 2017 International Business Plan Competition Winner

Rosela St. Vil (center right) is a devoted wife, mother, and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her background in business, finance, and service to her local church ministry birthed the company Zazouty Ice Cream. Through the BE program, Rosela developed a business plan for her company that was so strong it won first place in the International Business Plan Competiton. She is committed to powering through whatever obstacles she may face, bringing the joy of ice cream, healthy meals and snacks, and a safe place for families to her local Haitian community.

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Give the Gift of Business in Haiti