Nothing But a Jar of Oil


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Seven steps to achieving financial victory through Biblical Entrepreneurship.

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SEVEN STEPS to achieving financial victory through Biblical Entrepreneurship

Bankruptcy, foreclosures and skyrocketing credit card debt: these are a few of the financial crises of the new millennium. Unfortunately, believers have not shown any immunity from such ills, even though the Bible provides clear models and instructions for financial victory. Tucked away in 2 Kings 4, we find the story of a widow who obtained the miracle so many of us desire. She went from poverty to prosperity in a very short period. Yet her miracle was preceded by remarkable obedience. In this book, we will examine obedience and the spiritual and natural principles that lay the foundation for the supernatural intervention of God in our finances. The book also includes a financial workbook and testimonials of 12 entrepreneurs who used their jar of oil to achieve financial victory.


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