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Everyone calls themselves a coach these days but very few are making a living doing it. Coaching is not just a calling but a skill and a profession that enables you to make a good living while positively impacting the lives of others. Kingdom business coaching goes beyond that as it also enables you to make a transformational difference. Kingdom business coaching helps entrepreneurs and companies achieve transformational results with an eternal impact.

This coaching certification course is a 62-hour, three-part training program designed to help existing coaches and aspiring coaches master the fundamentals of coaching from a kingdom perspective while learning a tested and proven kingdom business coaching system to help entrepreneurs and executives move their companies from profitability to succession.

Throughout the course, you will learn:

  • The proven KBC Keys to Kingdom Business Success which enables you to move clients from profitability to succession.
  • To assess companies using the KBC Keys and business life cycle.
  • The fundamentals of the science of coaching to improve your coaching technique.
  • How to coach using the proven KBC coaching system.
  • How to develop a success plan for clients that achieve results.

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