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As a trained Identity and Destiny Licensed Facilitator, we provide you with

  • Proven Tools and Resources

  • Detailed Video Training

  • “Real World” Tested Programs
  • Powerful Online Guidance

  • Live Coaching Support

  • Community Connection

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Destiny awaits! If you’re a…

  • Coach looking for a powerful life-purpose discovery program
  • Counselor looking for proven coaching tools
  • Coach or Counselor looking for a foundational tool to build your business
  • Retiring Pastor wanting to use your skills and supplement your income
  • Discipler looking for ways to build spiritual maturity
  • Mentor looking for ways to bring clarity, focus and direction
  • Pastor looking for ways to answer the “big questions” about life
  • Small Group Leader looking for great, thought-provoking curriculum

Feeling called to help others discover their God-given sweet spot?

You’re definitely in the right place!

Andrew Freed - Nehemiah E-Community

I met with my client and he had a major breakthrough! He was going through some issues with his wife and had finally decided to leave. Then he picked up the workbook and started the section on the Battle for the Soul. The Holy Spirit spoke to him like never before. With his new understanding, he found the strength to make peace in his home. He asked me to express his thanks. Good things are happening – lives are being changed – families are being saved through Identity and Destiny!

– Andrew Freed, Alaska Licensed Facilitator

4 Keys that Make the Difference

#1 Membership Benefits

You receive a membership on our E-Community with various benefits to support your learning experience and your coaching practice. Access the support you need to grow!

#3 Experiential Learning

Not just head knowledge – this training is designed to show you how to “experience” the process by actually coaching clients through the program as you are being trained.

#2 Immediate Access

No dripping the content out over time – it is all there as soon as you sign up. Finally, training that allows you to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule!

#4 Community Support

Share. Learn. Network. Connect! Join the Licensed Facilitators Forum and connect with other facilitators globally!

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Scott Smiley - Nehemiah E-Community

Coaching this program is powerful! When leading a class of 70 through Identity and Destiny at my church, I repeatedly heard: “Thanks Scott. Material is awesome. So much revelation and wisdom jumping off the page! I can hardly put the book down. I finish a section and find myself wanting to re-read it over and over again. I cannot wait to see all the God has in store!”

– Scott Smiley, Florida Licensed Facilitator

BUT WAIT! This is way more than your typical online training course!

Our powerful Training Module: “How to Share Identity and Destiny & Easily Engage Clients!”

Available immediately…
Just for signing up!

Two FREE copies of our Identity & Destiny Workbook

Delivered to your doorstep…
Just for signing up!

This is a powerful online course!

  • 10 Video Lessons – step-by-step training to successfully facilitate the program

  • Over 85 PDF Documents – detailed resources to support client coaching

  • 2 Free Workbooks – delivered to your door step
  • Bonus Training Module – engage prospects easily and quickly
  • New Client Startup Tools – agreements, forms, and tracking matrix

  • Sales and Marketing Resources – share the benefits and engage new clients
  • Discount on Resource Purchases – save money with every purchase

  • Licensed Facilitator Forum – network with the worldwide community

As soon as you complete payment, you can create your account and log right in to access all of the training content and resources immediately!

Get it ALL now for just $525

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

If you are not 100% delighted, just give us a quick call, ask for a refund and you’ll get your money back.

Here’s who is joining!

here is whos joining - Nehemiah E-Community

They come from

  • Churches

  • Coaching businesses

  • Counseling practices
  • Small group leaders
  • Disciplers and Mentors
  • Every circle of Christian leadership

They work with

  • People searching for purpose, clarity, answers, and direction

  • People in transition asking the question, “Now what?”
  • Executives and retirees ready for significance, not just success
  • Home schooling families wanting to lay a firm foundation of purpose
  • ANYONE who wants to discover and fulfill the destiny God has for their lives

Not only coaches but people ministering in

  • Post-abortion recovery
  • Prisons
  • Human trafficking rescue
  • Celebrate Recovery programs
  • Any place people need to know God has a plan for their lives…NOT in spite of their past – but often because of it!

WE INVITE YOU to come join us in this important work!
Are you ready to help fill the void of lives without meaning?

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