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I hate to wait – how ’bout you?  Yet…when I am patient enough to actually wait…it seems like nothing  happens?  

Then…uh-oh…that’s when the big “trap door” called “taking matters into my own hands” opens wide and takes me in. Off I go trying to make things happen in my own strength. But sooner or later, as I feel like I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, God will say, “Wait – let’s back up and do it my way”.

I recently found myself in a place just like that. With deadlines upon me, I was pushing hard to get a new program launched in our business – to no avail. Things just wouldn’t come together! I became more and more frustrated. Finally, in exasperation, I cried out to the Lord through my tears saying, “OK God…I need you…not tomorrow but right now! I cannot do this anymore. I need your help!”

Sound familiar?

Thankfully God answered that prayer saying, “I love you Pam. Why don’t you put down this load and come spend the morning with me”. As I prayed and listened, He began to show me what it looks like to wait on Him…here’s what He said:

W – “Worship Me! I am the Lord your God. I have your back. My plans and timing are perfect. When you take things like this into your own hands, it is actually idolatry and pride that are weighing you down. Please dear one, let me do the heavy lifting in your life…you simply need to trade in striving for worship.”

A – “Anticipate good things! Just as Moses told the Israelites (over and over again), remember all I have done, remember how far you have come and remember who I am – I AM! No matter what it looks like in the natural – I am at work on your behalf – good things are coming your way.”

I – “Insist on doing your best! I’m not saying jump back into the pattern of taking matters into your own hands, but I love having you join in the work I am doing. It is so much fun to do things together. When I “shine the light” on what I want you to do – come on, let’s go. Be ready…willing…and prepared to do it with excellence!”

T – “Take it – when the time comes! I will go before you. I will fight for you and bring the victory. But just as with my children, the Israelites, you too will have to take possession of the Promised Land that I will lay before you. But when the time comes…KNOW THIS…I will never leave you nor forsake you…seek and I will lead the way.”

A day of being completely overwhelmed and loaded down, finally brought me to a place of brokenness before the Lord. And – wow – did God meet me in a meaningful way. In his mercy and kindness, He showed me how He wanted me to WAIT. What a breath of fresh air!

Won’t you let me know what God has shown you about waiting? Please share in a post below. I’m still very eager to learn!