iStock 000002899489XSmall - Nehemiah E-CommunityI have wanted to write this blog post for a couple of weeks – but something else kept coming up.  A better topic…a deeper inspiration…something else I felt I was being lead to blog about.  But you know what is so funny about that?  The topic I kept putting off is about putting things off…otherwise known as PROCRASTINATION!

Hmmmm…I guess I really am supposed to be writing this.  And as our pastor often says, “I am preaching more to myself than I am to you!”

What got me started was listening to the recording of a coaching session that Tom had done with one of our clients.  I was preparing for follow up and as I listened, I heard the client say – repeatedly – that the thing that was getting in the way of his success was his tendency  to procrastinate.  Then a week later I opened up a book I was reading and the chapter title was “Procrastination and Distractions”.  And just today, I started working with a new client, and what do you suppose the big struggle was that she identified?  You got it…procrastination!!!

Well, I decided to do a little research on the topic, and did you know there is actually a Procrastination Club of America???  It’s been around since 1957 but still  has only 80 members.  I guess those who are good candidates for membership are the kind who will forever put off joining?  Their philosophy is one that is often quoted:  “Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow.”   And as you might imagine, tomorrow never comes.

I guess, we all know WHAT procrastination is – but the real question is WHY do we do it and WHY is it such a common struggle?

What about you?

Is there something you are putting off right now?

Could it be you…

  • don’t like the task you know needs to be done?

  • don’t feel  you have everything  “lined up” and perfectly in order?

  • don’t know how to prioritize all that is on our plate?

Or, maybe there are times when you simply want to be lazy?

Maybe you just have a “habit” of procrastinating –  and until the pressure is on and the deadline is near – you just can’t kick into gear?.

Or perhaps there is something deeper?

Rather than simply being easily distracted or lacking resolve, could it be that you are feeling

  • confused?

  • uncertain?

  • fearful?

  • inadequate or unworthy?

  • ill-equipped or unprepared?

And it’s not just having these feelings – but they have become stumbling blocks.  They have become the kind of fears, blocks and limiting beliefs that are stopping you dead in your tracks.

It is not that you don’t want to get started and do the right thing…somehow you have gotten to the point that you can’t!  Or at least that is how you feel right now?

If that is you…stay tuned.  I am going to keep writing on this topic of procrastination and what it takes to make positive change!

In the mean time, I leave you with this challenge:

  1. What is it that you are putting off – but know it needs to be done or decided?

  2. What are your “reasons” for continuing to put it off?

Think about that and next time we will work on what you can do to move forward.

“The more we understand the reasons for procrastinating, the

better we can develop a game plan to defeat the “manana” habit.

                                                                                       John Maxwell