We often believe the answer to that question should be answered with our occupation.  But when we define ourselves that way, it actually shapes our identity (and self-worth) internally. And when we begin to be defined by our job rather than who God created us to be – we are missing the point altogether.

Society tends to put little worth on our identity in Christ. If you were to answer the question, “Who am I”  the way God sees you – such as “I am a comforter” – the person that you are speaking with might look at you strangely and say something like “Yeah, big deal. What do you do to earn money?”

Unfortunately, it’s our identity in Christ that really is the big deal. Yet, few people genuinely appreciate that part of who they are.  They are too busy  – too caught up in the worries of everyday life –  to comprehend the importance of what God has for them to do.

The key is knowing who you are and being ready to – unapologetically – be all that God created and gifted you to be.

The key is to discover and embrace the real YOU. And, when you do that, you will find your passion.  You will find the “sweet spot” of life  – where you are  doing what you know you were meant to do.  Your life will have meaning and purpose that goes far beyond the day-to-day “stuff” of life.

Now.,..If you are like many of our clients…you are saying – Yes, Yes, Yes…I want a life like that!  But HOW???

Well, the good news is this:  You’re not alone.  You no longer have to wonder how to discover all that you were meant to be…and do…in this world.  Through the identity and Destiny program, hundreds have discovered the clarity, direction and confidence they need to live their God-given purpose – to have the life they’ve always dreamed was possible.

And now…you can do the same.  Take your first step now and get started today!

Get the workbook, Then, get ready, because your life will never be the same, You’ll live each day with the anticipation of knowing that today you get to do something great – by simply being the real YOU that God created!