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OK – it’s confession time.

 I am working my way through one of those checklists that shows you how to read through the entire Bible in a year.  But I started about a year and a half ago.  And – at the rate I am going – this one year of reading looks like it could take about 3 years!

But you know what?  I think God is OK with my pace.  I think (as my husband, Tom, often says), “it is more important to get the Bible through me…than me getting through the Bible”.  Yes, it means diligence.  I requires the discipline to be in the Word daily.  But it is not a race to finish. It is not a project to be completed.  It is about spending time with the Lord and letting His Word teach, train, love and enlighten!

 For instance, I have been in the book of Romans from 1.26.13 to today, 3.26.13.  16 chapters over 2 months.  And it has been amazing.

This one thing I know.  If I were not plugged into the Lord and the powerful teaching found in the Bible – there is no way I could do the work He has assigned.  I am wife…mother…mother-in-law, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend.  I am co-laboring with my husband and the Lord to build Identity and Destiny – our business – which is also our ministry!Although I have read Romans before…I have never spent this kind of time pouring over each and every chapter.  Camping out for days – if that is how the Lord leads.  Journaling, meditating, praying and listening.  It has been wonderful!!!

Whew!  I get exhausted just thinking about it.  Perhaps you feel the same way?

Where is your power coming from?

Where do you get the strength and endurance to do all that is on your plate?

As it says in Romans 15…our endurance, encouragement and hope…it ALL comes from the Lord.  It is not something we can muster up on our own.  It is a gift from Him – “given that so with one heart and mouth we might  glorify the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ”.

But when I powerfully move through my day…when I accomplish great things…when I speak of blessings and favor…isn’t that boasting?  Isn’t that prideful?  Well…as I read the notes in my NIV study Bible here is what it said:

Being proud of God’s work through you in not sin, it is worship!  If you are not sure if your pride is selfish or holy – ask yourself this one question:  “Are you just as proud of what God is doing through others as what he is doing through you?

Hmmm…think about that!

Allow God to show you what is really in your heart.

With honesty and vulnerability, ask yourself what is selfish pride and what is genuine, heart-felt praise?

As we thank God for who He is…and how much He loves us this Easter season.  Let’s be sure to boast only in HIM!!!