Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses,

let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.

And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,

Hebrews 12:1

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Last week I asked you to ponder the question of where there might be some procrastination going on in your life.  Did you take a moment to think about that?

If not…let me ask again…

What is it that you are  putting off?

What is it you know should have been done – or at least started – a long  time ago?

Your answers might range from something as simple as cleaning out your closet – all the way to something that would require you to step out and do something very bold or frightening…like follow the call you know God has placed on your life…forgive someone who has hurt you deeply…or make amends for something you know you need to make right…

So what is it for you?

If it is your closet…well…that is just a matter of marking out the time and getting down to business.  In a matter of hours this project can be off your list…you will have bags of things to take to the thrift store…and whew…the burden of a lingering task is lifted!  Whoo Hoo!!!

But what about some of those tougher things?

What about the things that are going to be much more emotionally and spiritually draining?

I think Hebrews 12: 1 gives us some powerful insight on how to begin the journey.

First – look to the Godly friends and counsel that surround you.  They have wisdom to be offered  – experience to be shared – encouragement to be given – and prayers to be lifted!  God never meant for us to go through the “tough stuff” of life alone.  Humbly reach out and take advantage of all the help God offers through the body of Christ.

Second –  throw off all those things that have been stopping you!  This is going to require time in honest self-reflection, and time in the presence of the Lord.   Let Him show you what is in the way…what is holding you back…and then go to him for the healing…the mercy and forgiveness…the grace that you must first receive in order to go and do what must be done to be free from the hindrances that hold you back.

As you do this, remember the words of Pastor Dick Woodward (ICM and the Mini Bible College),

“I am not – but He is.

I can’t – but He can.

I don’t want to – but He wants to.

I didn’t – but He did.


I am in Him – and He is in me!”

Again…know that you are not alone!!!

And finally, the ultimate antidote for procrastination is perseverance.   It is about staying the course, running the race and finishing strong.  You must not grow weary but do that which you know God is calling you to do!  And when you do…it will always produce “good fruit”.  The kind of fruit that brings glory and honor to the Father – and not so coincidently – the abundant life you…and all of us…so deeply desire!

Just remember…Satan will always try to tell you what God is calling you to do is going to be way too uncomfortable and far too frightening.  But what he won’t tell you is the joy, blessing  – and all the relief – that waits on the other side of your obedience!!!

So…what are you waiting for?

Whatever it is…today is the day – to reach out to others – throw off your hindrances  – and get in the race to win!!!