Pam Wolf
January 22, 2013
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“Destiny is a decision. It takes more than dreams and desire – it requires ACTION!”

I & D Success Coaches, Tom and Pam Wolf

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I was blessed to have a father who was a very successful entrepreneur and offered valuable words of wisdom to guide me in the business world. But sadly, my Dad was not a believer – at least as far as I know?Thus, the advice – although good – was worldly rather than biblical. I guess that is why – since finally coming know Jesus as my Lord and Savior at age 47 – I have been so hungry to learn the Word of God.

One of the things that God immediately made clear to me was the vast difference between earthly wisdom and Godly wisdom. And through the guidance of friends, I soon realized that if I wanted access to that kind of wisdom – the Bible was where I would find it.

Since then, I have been diligently studying the Bible and I know – first hand – that His Word is alive and active. It is new every day. It is useful for teaching, reproving and instruction. That is why, when I was again in 1 Chronicles – it was no surprise that is all seemed brand new. God had a new thing he wanted to reveal.

Take a moment and read 1 Chronicles 28 and 29.

In this section of Scripture, King David is preparing his son Solomon to take the throne. God uses this opportunity to capture the last words of a father as he speaks wisdom into his son’s life…but He also uses it to speak blessing over every generation yet to come! In just a few verses, King David lays out 8 powerful principles for living a life that God wants to bless:

  1. Follow God’s commands (28:8)
  2. Know God personally (28:9)
  3. Serve God wholeheartedly (28:9)
  4. Seek God in all things (28:9)
  5. Complete God’s work as assigned (28:10)
  6. Trust God for your strength (28:10)
  7. Give to God willingly (29:9)
  8. Rejoice before God greatly (29:9)
Take these 8 principles and meditate on each one.

Pray and ask God to show you what each ones means for you.

What can be learned in Scripture is endless. But if you want a simple list of principles to guide your daily living, I suggest that this is an excellent place to start.

As for me, I’m feeling lead to start with #2 as I begin applying this list to my everyday life. If I focus on knowing Him personally, drawing closer to Him daily and then applying what I hear Him saying as we walk through life together – I trust that He will show me precisely how I am to apply the rest.

Won’t you make a comment below and let us know where God is telling you to start?

Next week, we will talk more about what it really means to leave a legacy of blessing. Until then – enjoy what God is showing you through these 8 principles!