Many who visit the Identity and Destiny Web site, tell us of lives that are filled with questions, struggles and a deep desire to make life better…right now!

Over the years…based on personal experience…I can tell you the single most important thing any of us can do – after we have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of our lives – is spend time everyday  meditating on the God’s Word.

So,,,what does it mean to “meditate” on God’s Word?

It means digesting Scripture – word by word – rather than just reading it like the Sunday paper? It means chewing on it; talking to God about what each word means; asking Him what He wants you to learn and how He wants you to apply it to your life.

As I have learned to do this, the meaning of the Scriptures has become deeper, more personal and filled with a power that not only  feeds my soul but allows God to show me His way of making lasting change in my life.  His ways may not be our ways, but if you will faithfully obey what He shows you…it will bring the kind of  peace, joy and hope that nothing else can!

You may be saying “yea right – whatever!?!”

But please dont’ discount the power of spending time with the Lord asking Him what He wants to say to you about his written Word.  As the old saying goes…”try it…you might like it”.  And you may just find that the answers you’ve been looking for!

Let me give you a quick example:

Recently I talked with God about Mark 8:34-36…I will show you how it went as we began in Mark 8:34:

“If anyone would come after me, he must deny him self and take up his cross and follow me.”

Word by word – here is what He showed me:

Anyone = every last one of us – no exceptions

Come =  we have a choice…not all will come…but those who do need to be ready

Must = it is a requirement…not optional…not a suggestion

Deny Himself = self control and self discipline…Fruit of the Spirit requiring my cooperation and obedience

His = it is personal – unique to me  and to each one of us

Cross = my personal assignment as given by God

Follow me = abide in me – every moment of every day!  In His power alone is this possible.

So – based on this revelation from the Lord – what does this scripture say to me now?

If I – Pam Wolf – would choose to come after the Lord, I am required to exercise the kind of self- discipline needed to ready myself for the unique assignment to which God has called me.  And if I am to do this, the only way success is possible is through abiding in the Him…His Word…and His power.

Meditating  in this way  – God has given me a personal understanding of a verse of scripture that before now…was really rather confusing.  But now…for today…this is what He has shown me.

So..I’ve got my marching orders – how bout you?

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