Did you know that your work is not just a job – it’s your calling?
Did you know that what you do from 9-5 is really your ministry?

iStock 000000728419XSmall - Nehemiah E-CommunityIt can be – if you let it?!?

With our work at I &D and Tom and Pam Wolf Coaching, we have come to fully embrace the truth that our calling is our business…and our business is our ministry.

For a lot of years we kept God in that section of our lives marked ‘Holy’, while everything else went into the section marked ‘secular’.

Then the day came when God said, “I want all of you – all the time!”

We weren’t really sure what that was supposed to look like…but over time we began to understand that even a for-profit coaching business can be an instrument of The Lord in the marketplace.

We actually have come to see…and believe…that God is raising up Christian coaches to be an invaluable arm of the church devoted to the discipleship of believers. Now – if that is not a high and holy calling – I don’t know what is!?!

So how about you?
Is it time to rethink how you look at your work?  Is it time to begin asking God why he planted you where you are…and how He wants you to use that platform to reach others?
Your work…and how you use it for The Lord…all falls under the umbrella called marketplace ministry.

So…take some time today and begin to think about your work…the people that God is allowing you to connect with…and ask Him how you should be integrating who you are as a believer – with what you do to make a living.

We encourage you to seek God for your workplace calling. Get in His word and learn to hear his voice. Get your heart tender toward the leading of the Holy Spirit.  You might just be amazed at the doors that open, and how faithful He is to show you what He wants you to do  – right where you are now!

“Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for The Lord rather than for people.”  Ephesians 6:7