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I follow a daily blog by Os Hillman called, “Today God Is First” (TGIF).*

It is written to inspire those of us who know our work is more than a job…it is our calling.


Is that you too?


If you answered yes…then you “get it”.

If you said no – perhaps you might want to consider the fact that no more than 2% of us will ever be paid staff in a church or ministry…  (Releasing Kings in the Marketplace by Harold Eberle)*


But…the rest of us are in ministry too.

We are called to ministry in the marketplace…that includes business, government, education, family, home…wherever God has you planted.


Never thought about it that way?


You are not alone.

Most of us tend to see ministry as the sole function of our church or Christian non-profits.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


In fact, I believe  in our world today – the vast majority of ministry – the spreading of the gospel – happens when people are well-taught and fed by their churches then sent into the marketplace to influence from our uniquely assigned positions.


Yet, we often see what we do as far less.  Mundane.  Just a path to a pay check or taking care of all those things that just have to get done.  


The truth is…our ”work” is not always all that exciting.  


But neither are those things we traditionally see as ministry.  


Think about your pastor.

He or she gets to do the exciting stuff of preaching and teaching…but then there is the staff and facilities management, the finances, the really hard stuff that happens in the lives of those they shepherd.


It is the same for all of us.

Work is …well…work.

In fact, one of my coaches once said every job has parts we won’t enjoy. She put it this way, “you do the 50% of stuff you don’t love to get to do the 50% you truly enjoy!!!”


I think I am lucky enough to be at about 80:20 in my work as a coach – but there are still parts I don’t love…especially the administrative and web stie parts.  I try to hire some of it done – but that is not possible – financially or otherwise.  It means I just have to put my head down and do it!


This is probably true for you too.

Whether homeschool Mom or Corporate CEO – no matter your work or role –  the important thing is to keep the importance of ministry in the forefront of your mind.


That one ‘reframe” changes everything.


That change in perspective can give you the motivation to stay the course – look for every chance to share the love of Jesus (in words and/or deeds) – and bloom where you are planted.


If you aren’t really happy where you are – WAIT.

When God is ready to move you he will make it clear –  with open doors – closed doors – unrest in your spirit – or a peace that gives you clarity about your next step.


However He does it – you will know.  


Until then…remember,  the grass is NOT always greener.

Every job – every assignment – has its good – its bad – its great – its hard.

And…if your life is anything like mine – whatever you are going through today is sure to be training ground for what God has next.


And here is what I know for sure…

If you jump ahead of God’s timing – it generally does not work out very well.

The watch word is WAIT.

As you do…look for the connections you can make – the people you can impact – and the new skills and abilities you can gain.


It’s like Os Hillman’s blog said this AM…


When life appears to lack meaning and purpose, remember that if you devote your life to the purposes He has for you, the fruits of your labor will be manifested in due time. “The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it” (1 Thess. 5:24).


And as Tom and I often say,  “You do the steps – God will do the rest!”



If this is resonating with you – I recommend you begin following Os Hillman and TGIF – and read the book Releasing Kings.  You will be much encouraged!


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