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Now…here is what God has been laying on my heart.

I am being inspired to lead a 40 Day Identity and Destiny Challenge!

And sorry guys…this one is going to be for women only!

I recently had the privilege of leading a group of 10 precious women through the study and it was amazing!  So amazing…I am being lead to do more!

I’m starting with YOU…a private invitation to my loyal blog readers and followers.

Now…here’s the data:  The stats on our blog tell me there are 10,000 followers on our list…but just over 600 of you are consistently reading the blog. What that tells me is you are the ones who are “life long learners” – you are the ones willing to dive deeper than a one line Tweet or Facebook post.

You are the ones I would love to have in one of my private coaching groups!

If this is resonating with you.

If you are ready to dive-in and really seek God for that unique – one of a kind – “sweet spot” he has designed JUST FOR YOU…now is the time to let me know.

But first…let me share this testimonial from a participant in my recent group:

“I am a lifelong believer in Jesus Christ.

I have been an associate minister’s wife most of my married life.
I am a Celebrate Recovery leader and sponsor – walking in victory over codependency.
So, why, after all of this healing, did I feel the need to attend an I&D study?

I found that I was hungry to more fully understand myself…I found that I wanted to know myself in more detail so I might walk in His specific path for me.  I wanted further emotional grounding with my heavenly Father to fight the enemy when codependent emotions would arise.

And God did just that in the I&D study!! 

I learned my personality style, my spiritual gifts, my consuming fears, my core values, my passion.  But in the midst of that pinpointed mental understanding, He gave me an identity statement which has changed my life emotionally.

“I am a beloved daughter of the most High God ” is my identity statement.  That is HUGE to me personally!  That emotional understanding underscored my greatest need…to KNOW I am beloved by God Himself and no performance on earth for Him nor others would increase or decrease His love for me.  This “nipped in the bud” any swirling false guilt the enemy could use to trick me.  This statement grounds me more deeply emotionally to combat codependent thoughts.   I am secure in His UNFAILING love forever!”

If you have been pondering…debating…thinking about going through the 7 Steps…but just haven’t gotten started.

If you started the book…but stalled out and did not finish.

If you know that “for such a time as this” you are ready to be “on about the Fathers business”…

Accept the 40 day challenge and join the group!

  • 2 groups:

    • Group 1 – Monday’s at 1-2PM ET beginning 10/27

    • Group 2 – Tuesday’s at 7-8PM ET beginning 10/28

  • 12 women per group

  • 10 – weekly interactive group calls

  • 1 kick-off call – 8 weekly calls to move through the steps – 1 final week of celebration and next steps!

  • Includes the book…live facilitation of the program with me (Pam Wolf)…PLUS one private coaching session to supplement your progress through the process.

  • Just $147 per person! (If you already have the book – take $20 off!)

I am praying for just 24 of you to step up.

What a way to move into 2015!  Discovering you God Given Sweet Spot!!!

All you need to do to claim your spot in one of the groups is send me an email and I will contact you to provide more details and get your book in the mail to you:


P.S. If you know others who should be part of the group…feel free to pass along this blog and invite them to join us too!

I’m ready to help God release Christian Women of Influence all over the world!

Let’s do it for Him!!!

P.P.S. For more info – go to our new updated web site – www.identityanddestiny.com