Over the past year or so, our daughter Amanda and her husband have been wrestling with the idea of homeschooling their two girls – now 2 and 4.

When breast cancer entered their world last Oct – that question was put on an abrupt HOLD.

Yet – in the midst of the craziness of treatment – God continued to press upon their hearts the desire to pour into their daughter’s lives even more intentionally…making it perfectly clear they are called to homeschool!


At the same time…God has opened the door for us to take Identity and Destiny to the homeschool market. (Go figure???)

We actually began applying for booth space at the Florida Home School Expo 2 years ago. (This is one of the largest shows of its kind in the US and they don’t just let anyone participate!)

Now – with the vetting complete – we were not only given booth space but the opportunity to be workshop presenters at this year’s event! (Wow…when God opens doors…He does it big!)

The show was just a few weeks ago…and what a welcome reception we received! The interest level was off the charts…and we sold more books than any event we have ever attended!

Homeschooling parents really value our material…and understand the importance – immediately!

They agree that knowing your God Given purpose and “SWEET SPOT” is as foundational as reading – writing and math!!!

They also know that a clear sense of identity, destiny and purpose is critical as their children “launch from the nest” and consider college, careers and next steps.

It is like our client Becky, when she and her daughter went through the workbook together…


“My daughter is a senior in high school, and is facing what seems an overwhelming task to her – choosing a college and a major.  Though she has been in several leadership positions in various organizations, and has taken the DISC profile and spiritual gift inventory, she has never had the opportunity to evaluate herself like this book.

What a privilege it has been to not only mentor her through the process, but also “rediscover” myself as a soon-to-be empty nester.  The question What do I do now? has seemed so overwhelming to me – but now I am gaining the clarity, direction and purpose I have been longing to discover.

We are doing the days privately, then meeting once a week to discuss the week’s activities.  Last week, we ended up talking at Starbucks for 4 hours!  We even missed dinner! Thank you for your obedience to write this book – there are so many who need this valuable insight!”

Homeschooling parents also know that “the world” is sending all kinds of “messages” to our children that challenge a Biblical world view…that causes them to ask the question of who they are – why they are here – and what they are called to do with the gifts, talents and resources they’ve been given.

AND – just like Tom and I – they take God seriously when He says we will all stand before Him and give an account, answering the question:

“What have you done with what you’ve been given?”

As God shows us in the parable of the talents – it is not about how much you have amassed or how it compares to what others have done!

It is about what YOU have done with what YOU have been given!

Did you do your best?

Did you maximize the return on those things I’ve entrusted you with?


Are you ready for that day?

For you are God’s workmanship – a one-of-a-kind masterpiece – created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for you to do! (Ephesians 2:10)

Why not make this summer your time to dive into the exciting discovery of FINDING YOUR GOD GIVEN SWEET SPOT?

Entire families are now doing Identity and Destiny – not only learning about themselves – but sharing, discovering and gaining deep appreciation for the beauty of their differences!

Take your first step for FREE with our online “Life Purpose Quiz” at www.identityanddestiny.com



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