iStock_baseballplayer“The Paradox of Potential”- A strange title for an article on the sports page?

It mentions a 21 year old baseball phenomenon called “the triple machine”…but the real story is about a university system that is churning out students “bereft of true direction and soul”.

Former Yale professor, William Deresiewicz, is quoted saying:

“A former student sent me an essay he wrote a few years after college called ‘The Paradox of Potential’. Yale students, he said, are like stem cells. They can be anything in the world, so they try to delay for as long as possible the moment when they have to become just one thing in particular. Possibility, paradoxically, becomes limitation.”

 The author of the article, Michael Rand, adds:

“In the larger context of life, I see this paralysis of possibility playing out on a daily basis – even with myself. The world has become so large and so small at once that there exists limitless choices. But within those limitless choices comes the infinite chance that you might pick the wrong thing.

So we have become a nation of dabblers, poking our toes into the water long enough to get wet but not long enough to go for a swim…we fear failure…we fear not being perfect enough…we constantly compare ourselves to others. And so we sit frozen – going all-in only on sure things.”

And how does this manifest itself?

These authors cite passionless careers and lives that are a mere existence.

We agree. Not just in theory but in reality!

Over and over again we hear the hundreds of people we have coached saying the same thing.


All ages, races, backgrounds and interests – they are all yearning for

  • clarity, focus and direction
  • everyday lives filled with passion and meaning
  • a way to truly make a difference in the lives of others
  • a powerful purpose that serves God – not just on the periphery, but ALL-IN!!!  

Yet the question always remains… “I know God has a plan for my life…I just don’t know what it is???”

The answer?

We all need a plumb-line – a filter – a way of evaluating our choices.

We must have a way to move from fear, frustration and fatigue…to the life God has designed, created (and can hardly wait) for us to live!

We need a way of knowing…and hitting…the bulls-eye of our God Given Sweet Spot!

Dare I say that each of us – personally and individually – need a process for that discovery?

Dare I suggest the 7 Steps outlined in the Identity and Destiny Process?.

Given the nature of our world today – the gazillion choices we have to make – I dare to say YES!


I would even dare to say…for such a time of thisGod has given us this tool to help his people get off the bench and get into the game of life – ALL-IN!!!

As our pastor, Matthew Hartsfield, says,

“You are plan A for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with a hurting world…

And there is not plan B!!!”

In very practical terms, let me share the words of our mentor and friend, Robert Leatherwood after he completed Finding Your God Given Sweet Spot:

“I now have a power that very few people have.

I have the power to say NO

Because my YES is so big!”

Your God Given Purpose: that’s your filter…your plumb-line…your way of evaluating choices.

No need to fear a big world with limitless choices.

God knows the “one thing” he has for you…and that is why he grabbed hold of you in the first place.

Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.

I press on toward the goal to win the prize

for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

(Philippinas 3:13-14)

For such a time as this…do you know your one thing?

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