“What a crafty enemy we have!  Can you see it?  The enemy knows that if
he can cause us to hide ourselves – who God made us to be – that it also
causes us to lose sight of our identity in God as his image-bearers.
Then, because our view of ourselves has been diminished, we shrink from
stepping into the destiny God created for us!”  Christine Caine
Crafty indeed…but he is not the one who has to win!
Not if we step out of the shadows – out of the uncertainty – out of the fear.
Not if we seek God directly for the answers.
You are unique – one of a kind – fearfully and wonderfully made….
And God has a purpose that only you can fulfill.
Thankfully discovering it is not a game of hide and seek.  
It is simply a willingness – on your part –  to seek God for answers.
Answers he is not only ready – but anxious – to provide!   
In a powerful podcast interview with Dr. Joe Martin*, Tom recently revealed deep truth about the three critical elements of purpose: your identity, destiny and assignment.  
But, most importantly, he shows you exactly how God has anchored your purpose  to one of the three…your identity.
It is the very essence of your soul!
(No wonder the enemy wants you to stay “in the dark” about it???)       
Your identity is not in your doing, it’s actually in your being…
and outside of Christ, you will never find it!
Get started now…
Click on the link below – listen, learn and we pray you will be inspired to seek!
PS –
*Dr. Joe Martin is founder of Real Men Connect and the #1 Christian Men’s podcast in the nation! Learn more at
And – if you are ready to begin seeking God for answers…now’s the time to dive into the step-by-step process of Finding Your God Given Sweet Spot.  For more info go to


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