I was sitting in church a few Sunday’s ago – very intent on the Pastor’s message and jotting   notes in my journal.
Out of the blue I heard:
“Lift me up and I will draw all men unto myself.”
I stopped abruptly and turned my attention to what I had just heard.  It is not often that I hear a word from the Lord that is completely outside the context of what is going on in the moment.
Usually He speaks in ways far more subtle…I can remember only 3 other instances when it was that clear…direct…undeniable.
As soon as I got home, I began pouring over the Word to find where that Scripture was located – soon I knew it was John 12:32.   But what was the context?  What did the surrounding verses add to what He had said to me?
Here is what I found – and although I have read the book of John many times and even did a year-long study in Bible Study Fellowship – the verses right before “32” stopped me in my tracks.
Check out John 12:28 – 29:  “It is God the Father speaking out loud!”
The verses goes on to say that some thought it was thunder while others thought it was an angel – and Jesus answers the puzzled onlookers saying, … “this voice was for your benefit not mine”.
Right then and there, I knew the word God had given me was meant for my benefit.  It was an encouragement to continue lifting up the mane of Jesus in the work that we do.  As all men are drawn to the Lord – those who are to come to us as Christian coaches will be drawn as well, a “holy by-product” of this act of obedience.
In the world live in today – God knows that lifting up the name of Jesus will become increasingly difficult and uncomfortable.  Hostile or not – I heard Him clearly – these are undoubtedly my marching orders.
How about you?
Do you recognize God when He speaks – or do you dismiss it as a random thought?
Do you accept that He really speaks – in lots of ways – everyday  – or do you overlook what seems crazy, silly or impossible?
If you struggle – let me help!
The last third of our book, Identity and Destiny, focuses on this topic.   And we don’t just talk about it – we help you learn how to seek God – hear His voice – and confirm that what you are hearing is really Him!  In fact there is an entire section that provides a 14-point summary of what it means to really hear God speak.
Yes – God speaks.  Learning to hear (and TRUST) his voice has the power to change your life – and your relationship with Him – BIG TIME!
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