Chalkboard drawing - Measure of Risk and Reward

When the Lord calls you…your passion for that work or ministry burns with great intensity…it can become all-consuming!

Then…life happens…and the life you had planned…the life you actually believe God has planned for you…has to be put on HOLD.

Such was the case last October when Amanda was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer I had never even heard of…Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC).

Suddenly and unexpectedly my work took a back seat to the more important responsibilities of being a Mama and grandmom.

Now…7 months later…we stand in awe of the healing power of a God who not only healed her of this disease…but did it in a way that brought him the greatest glory.

The cancer – after 6 rounds of triple dose chemo – was not only still active…but had spread.

Then surgery…and the pathology report.

In the natural, it was not looking good.

Yet…we prayed in faith and we believed with certainty.

And as her brother said, “MY GOD JUST LIKES TO DO THINGS BIG!”

With anxious hearts, all of us who love her received that word and stood on it.

We knew with our amazing – all-powerful God…a miracle delayed is NOT a miracle denied!

Then the pet scan to see if it had spread…and the demeanor of the doctors belied their words. They were not hopeful…


The day after the scan…Dr Johnson called and said, “I have been reviewing your scans, and I am floored. THERE IS NO CANCER ANYWHERE!!!

Amanda is cancer free!

The doctors couldn’t explain it…but we could!!!

Hallelujah and thank you Jesus.

And thank YOU!

You – and the hundreds of faithful prayer warriors around the world – who have prayed without ceasing.

We have no doubt this battle is being won on our knees!

If the chemo had worked…the Dr’s could take credit.

YES – our God likes to do things big and it is always for HIS GREATEST GLORY and our good.

As for you and me…we just need to keep believing.

Keep walking by faith and not by sight.

Keep taking life one day at a time.

Keep knowing – beyond a shadow of a doubt – a miracle delayed IS NOT a miracle denied!!!  

So let me ask…

Where do you need this community to pray for you?

Where do you need God to show up and do something big?

Take a moment to post.

Take the risk of being vulnerable enough to ask others to come along side you.

Won’t you help me make this blog community a place that does more than read and delete?

Help me create a safe-place to connect and be there for each other!!!  

I promise, the risk is worth the reward!


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