My Alabama son-in-law, Jonah, drives a chevy crew-cab pickup.
He loves to hunt, fish and camp – so what else would he drive?
But it’s not just good for all that ‘guy stuff’…he has a house full of girls…and when they come to pick me up from the airport – I love being able to snuggle with my two little granddaughters in the plenty-big back seat!
We tickle and giggle – quickly making up for lost time.
And now that they are 6 and 4, the hour long drive NEVER lacks for conversation.
I treasure every moment as I listen intently to their growing communication skills – bathed in the cutest little southern accents you have ever heard.  (Thankfully, Mom and Dad are in the front seat to provide a bit of “interpretation” when needed!)
The last time I made the ride with them, we talked about all they had been doing in their first “official” year of homeschooling!  Counting, singing, reciting their ABC’s!  They were so excited to show “G” all they were learning.
Then…in a moment of seriousness…the littlest one (Addi) looked over from her car seat and intently said,
“G – did you know that EVERYONE is made in the image of God?”
“Yes, I replied.
Then the older (Savanah) added,
“Did you also know that not everyone believes that, G?”
“Yes” I said again – “sadly that is also true”.
What came next took me by even greater surprise as Savanah went on to say,
“I want to go around the world and tell everyone about Jesus
and how he created them and loves them.
But did you know, G, that some of those people don’t like us?
and I also heard they are hungry.
I think I want to get some help from big people – like my mommy and
daddy – to help me get the money to take them food.”
My daughter, Amanda  – riding shotgun – turned around, winked and nodded.
“I think we are raising the next generation of missionaries.”
What’s a missionary the two girls chirped?
As I explained, I knew they already knew.  Not by human means – but a “knowing” from God in their little spirits.
They smiled.
Then – just as quickly as the conversation had changed a few moments earlier – it now returned to dolls, toys and all the treasures that little girls travel with in their backpacks.
They moved on not realizing the profound impact of the words they had spoken.
I, on the other hand, still find myself amazed.
My conclusion?
A conversation like this is a result of two devoted parents listening to the Lord.
Seeking Him for direction in the post-treatment aftermath of their family’s life as they continue to walk through the profound (and long term) struggles of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Together – looking to Him for help and trying to figure out what life could (and should) look like going forward?

Together – at 29 and 30 – looking to Him for help answering the (NO LONGER hypothetical) question, “What would you do if you had only a short time to live?”  
Cause you see, the doctors said “2 years”.
But God said, “No Way!  I have other plans for my girl!”
On October 16, 2016 – 2 years later – Amanda’s reports CONTINUE TO REFLECT THE RESULTS OF HIS MIRACULOUS HEALING!  
All reports to date are “NED – No Evidence of Disease”!
Thank you Jesus!!!
Amanda and Jonah’s “what would you do?” answers were not world travel or the proverbial “bucket list“ kinds of things…
But rather they heard God say, “Homeschool your girls!  Pour into their hearts, lives and spirits”!
After much prayer – and in all honesty – a time of wrestling with God over that decision, they chose to trust God and do as he was asking!
And what I believe is this…
The fruit of their willingness to listen (and be obedient) is already being shown.
Only God can bring such good out of things as He directs our steps.
Our part?
To trust him…and to know that only He knows what hangs in the balance.
Our part?
To listen and let him lead!
Then…as things unfold…
how much better could it be than to hear the Lord say, “Thanks for listening!”

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