It’s a wonderful time of year.

A time when we begin to feel we have yet one more chance for a “do over”.  A chance to reset the clock and get it right.   To get back in balance – to simplify – to capitalize on what we’ve learned.   It is a time  of hope – when we are sure that this new year will be the time when we finally put our lives on a sure-course to the significance we so deeply desire.

It’s these  kinds of hopes and dreams that fuel the passion we need to pursue the call God has placed on our lives.   I think It is a beautiful part of what God has given us to refresh our energy and reflect on what needs to be done.  He allows this “space of grace” so we can give ourselves permission to make fearless change.  It’s His way of giving us a fresh start – even in the midst of things that are already in motion and underway.

Where do you need a new beginning?

Why not step into God’s “space of grace” …allow his unmerited favor to wash over you.  To allow you the freedom to let go and let God help you reset…restructure…and reprioritize!

Perhaps one simple prayer will be enough?
Could it be as simple as this one request?

Your will – not mine, Lord.