iStock_000016974137XSmallLife is a journey.
Mountain tops and valleys – connected by a twisting road that can sometimes feel like an obstacle course.
And yes – the obstacles will come – often at the most inopportune time.
But ready or not – there you are standing toe-to-toe with your obstacles feeling overwhelmed… frightened…and seeing no way around this boulder in your way.
Motion and momentum stops.
Creativity dies.
Your sense of possibility is lost.

Been there?

I have. And honestly – I dread being in that place.
In fact, I must confess – I am there right now.
No, I take that back…I WAS there.
It ended yesterday.
It began in my prayer time. I laid my obstacle before The Lord, and looked heavenward saying, “Lord I can’t do this. I’m so scared.”
And you know what He said?
Step back away from your problem. You are too close to the obstacle to see the opportunity I have laid before you.

Yes. there is opportunity behind every obstacle!
There are amazing possibilities if you will just step back – take a breath – and remember that overcoming obstacles is always the path to growth, change and opportunity.

As I pondered this truth, I began to regain my creativity and my “glass is half full” outlook on life!
And even though I have yet to figure out what needs to be done, I no longer see the limitations of my obstacle but the possibilities of my opportunity.

So, what obstacles are you facing?
I ask because I know this blog post is not just for me today.
I send it praying it will feed your soul as you come to believe that obstacles = opportunity!