Meg, Amanda, Nick“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth”

3 John 1:4

I was in BSF in 2005 when I first heard this scripture – still pretty new in the Lord – still hopeful that my children would come to know Him too. 

Isn’t that the desire of every parent’s heart?

Nothing else compares!

Well…those prayers have been answered in the affirmative…thank you Jesus!!!

But – now – God has had me raise the bar in my prayers.  I now ask that each of them will not only know Him, but love Him.  Seek hard and fast after Him in every area of their lives. 

Thus, 3 John 1:4 takes on new meaning.

I know they have each been uniquely designed, purposed and called.

So – when I see them seeking Him and walking in his truth  – I know those “rug burns” on my knees are paying off.

I had just such a moment this past week.

My youngest daughter is in her mid twenties and a new mom of 2 beautiful little girls.  She also works from home doing all our virtual support for I & D. 

It would be easy for her to say,  “life is too busy…. I will get to the bible studies and quiet time routine somewhere down the road of life.”

Thankfully she does not!

She has learned that running on her own strength and knowledge simply leaves her empty and ineffective. 

Thus…she hungers after truth.

Here’s the text and picture she sent me earlier this week as she gets ready for her fall Bible studies and reading she plans to do as the girls enter 3 half-days of pre-school:


Her text message:

Looks like I better start praying for a yielded spirit and put on my seatbelt!  By the look of it, God’s got some work he wants to do in my life – marriage – and parenting  – in the next 3 months.”

I sigh – I smile – truly “there is no greater joy”!