Fresh fish and breadSome sermons touch us for a moment.

Others linger in our hearts…wanting to teach us more as we ponder the fullness of

the message.


I’ve recently heard one such sermon.

It’s stayed in my thoughts for months.


It spoke of Jesus being a “borrower”.


Never quite thought of it that way?

But yes…I think Jesus is a borrower.


Jesus borrowed a manger…and in his use it became the birthplace of a King.

Jesus borrowed 2 tiny fish and 5 loaves of bread…making it a meal for thousands.

Jesus borrowed a donkey…and made it a chariot that would carry our savior.


He borrowed boats and places to lay his head.

He borrowed the upper room and ultimately – even His tomb.


Do you see it?

Do you see what happens when Jesus borrows?


Something that might seem simple and ordinary – in the hands of God – becomes a powerful instrument of destiny…salvation…miracles!


As I have meditated.

As I have applied this to our work at Identity and Destiny.

As I have thought about it in my own life…


I feel like God is showing me that this profoundly difficult season of battling breast cancer with Amanda is actually a season of The Lord “borrowing” my daughter.


Taking what Satan meant for evil…and using it for good!


On the day of her diagnosis – still numb with the news – we sat in the car trying to steady ourselves for the drive home.


With tears silently falling down her cheeks, Amanda looked over at me and said,


“I have no idea what lies ahead, Mom.

But if even one person comes to know Jesus through all this,

it will have been worth it!”


In that moment, I have to tell you I was amazed by my daughter’s faith…but – as for me – I wasn’t really sure I was ready to “let” God borrow my little girl for such an assignment?!?


Then…even with all my doubts and fears…I felt like God was saying,, “Hang on tight Pam, here we go”.


God knew the plans he had…I did not.

Yet, in that moment I still knew…


He is good…He is trustworthy…and He loves my daughter even more than I do!


I have hung on tight to that!!!


Now, as I look back, I know…only God could “borrow” a young stay at home Mom…tucked away in Opelika Alabama…and touch people all over the world.


Family – friends – work associates – our church family – and those who have reached out to their circles of influence to include people we will never meet or know.


Among them are many believers and prayer warriors.

But there are also those who don’t really know this God we talk about.

Along with us, they have been able to see – first hand – the miracle of Amanda’s healing…witness the strength of her faith…and begin to pray…perhaps for the very first time?


Although we do not know the specifics…we believe many have – and will – come to know Jesus as a result! And many will draw closer to Him – just as we have.


Yes…in God’s hands…everything that is “borrowed” becomes greater!


Thank you Jesus.

Thank you Amanda.


And now…how about you?

There is not one among us that He does not want to ‘borrow” for a purpose.

Thankfully – most assignments don’t look like Amanda’s.

And …Whatever He has for YOU…know that it is GOOD. (Jeremiah 29:11)


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