Wolf 20Jun2016 476 - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship CommunityLiving in the presence of a living God is an amazing place to do life.
The more you become aware of his presence the more you see Him working in your life.
As for me…I actually get accused of “over spiritualizing” things …giving God credit for things that others think might  just be coincidence.
I beg to differ!
And if I am wrong – yet give God the credit – what is there to lose???
If you are watching, you will see him show up – even in the everyday stuff of life.
And it is amazing when he does!
Like the other day with my 5 year old granddaughter, Addi.
She was here for a week from Alabama – along with my daughter and the whole family.
We have a community pool in our neighborhood…after all the work of shimmying-on our bathing suits – lathering up with sunscreen – and putting on the the little arm floaties…off we go.
In goes her 7 year old sister – her 4 year old cousin (who has been swimming practically since birth)…and all the rest of us…except little Addi.
Her Mama wanted to get her swimming sooner,  but life…and few backyard pools up in northern Alabama…it just hasn’t happened.
Hovering on the stairs, I go over and scoop her into my arms to see what I can do to help her get started…
I feel her trembling little body slammed up close to mine and a death grip on my forearms.    
“No G.”  
“No G”.  
“Don’t let go G – don’t make me swim.”
I try to calm her.
I try to assure her.
She just gets more frightened.
There it was…
The Holy Spirit speaking into my spirit with the vision of Jesus inviting Peter out on the stormy sea.  Inviting him to literally walk on water.
I knew in that moment exactly what to do.
“Addi, look in my eyes.”
Desperately her stare remained on the water and the stairs…the way out of this scary place.
She resisted my words…wanting it all to end.
“Addi, look at G’s eyes.  
Don’t look at anything else.
Just listen to my voice.
Look in my eyes, baby.”
Slowly her grip loosened.
The trembling ceased.
She looked in my eyes and began to trust me.
As long as she kept her gaze fixed on mine – she was fine.
Any glance away and all I had to do was remind her to fix her eyes back on mine.
Holy Moly.
What a God moment.
What a picture of overcoming fear – learning to trust – keeping our eyes on the One we know we can trust.
Knowing  we are safe…in good care…protected.
Before I knew it, she was letting me walk around the pool with her…she began to kick…she unglued her little torso from mine.
She was now allowing herself to float and enjoy the beginning of what it might be like to swim.
I will never forget the moment.
I will never forget her sweet little face.
I will never forget the truth that I was taught in this God moment!
As we were drying off later that afternoon, happy with what she had accomplished, Addi proudly proclaims,  “Tomorrow I will let go. “Tomorrow I will swim by myself.”
And…sure enough she did!!!
Think about this for a moment.
A story that applies to us too – wouldn’t you say?  
Fear that can make you tremble can happen at any age.
The answer?
Remember to take your eyes off what you are fearing and put them on the steady – confident – loving – powerful gaze of Jesus!
Take a moment and read through Matthew 14:22-32 and see what God wants to do for you as you meditate on this story.
As for me…I have seen it – up close and personal.
As for me…I know that whatever puts me into that place of trembling fear…
I will remember the day in the pool with my sweet little Addi.
I will swiftly fix my eyes on Jesus.
How about you???


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