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“I am struggling…TOO MUCH Fear – Frustration – Fatigue.”

“I’m desperate…NO Clarity – Focus – Direction.”

“I just want to be…HAPPY!”

We hear these words over and over again…from people all over the world.

They come to our site…visit our FB page…send emails and private messages.

They pour out their hearts…searching for answers.

Somewhere along the way – their hopes and dreams have gotten lost in the demands of “everyday life” – they’ve lost their passion – they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…and off they go…spiraling into lives that bring no real and lasting joy!

Yet! There is still a place in their hearts where they know there is something more.

They long – they wonder – they hope.  Not knowing where to start.

The answer?

It starts with something pretty simple – but – it’s not always easy.

It starts with learning to dream!


Yet, for many, the freedom to dream is a “forgotten art”.

It is restrained…blocked…discounted…fearing only disappointment.

At any level…

Or should I ask – at what level – does this resonate with you?


Do you want to start tapping into the long-buried desires of your heart?

Desires are not frivolity…but the purposes God planted within you – from the very beginning!


Now is the time to let yourself connect with those desires and learn to DREAM AGAIN! 

Don’t wait…

  • Begin today.
  • Start by spending some focused time in prayer
  • Ask God to bring those long-buried desires to your awareness.
  • ..write down what you “hear”.
  • Record your dreams.
  • Make a list…your “bucket list”

And…I’m not talking about a onetime exercise…I’m talking about developing a lifestyle of dreaming!

The goal?

A list of at least 100 DREAMS.


Let loose and have fun with it.

Write it all down – uncensored….the thrill things…the simple things…the spiritual things…the “this could never happen” things.

Even (or maybe especially) if you think it’s not ever going to be possible – write it down!!!

Dreams acknowledged become the “target” of your faith.

(Hey…go back and ponder that last line for moment…)

Then, let the regular review of these lists become the hopes that you pray for and dream of!


And you know what?

This is the best part!

When you learn to hope…pray…and believe God for the impossible…

Dreams have a habit of coming true!!!

Just like the hundreds of people Tom and I have had the privilege of coaching through the Dream Manager Program this past year…we say to you…today is the day to let yourself dream again…and to begin moving toward those BIG, BOLD, GOD-SIZED dreams.


And it is the “God-Dreams” that change lives.

It is not only about your job…your money…your vacations…(YES – it is OK to dream about those things!)…

But…it is also about your life intersecting with someone else’s life…and making a change that matters for eternity. 


YOU have a place in God’s grand design!

It is in Christ that you learn who we are.

It is in your heart that he will place dreams and desires.


Let Him stir your heart and show you what he has for you…


“Now to Him – who can do exceedingly, abundantly more than all we can ask or imagine.

To Him be the glory!”  (Eph 3:20)


Want to learn more about the Dream Manager Program?

Give us a call or shoot us an email – we would love to share more.

pam@identityanddestiny.com   (813) 968-9792

tom@identityanddestiny.com   (813) 960-1810


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