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Tom and I love being parents – but now that we are grandparents to 5 little girls and 1 little guy…we can’t believe how much we are enjoying this new season of life!

Every summer we rent a big old house on  the beach with room for everybody.

This way we get a full week with the whole family…and the children know that Poppy and G are gonna love on them…spoil them…sneak a little candy…and beg for a later bed time.
We treasure their funny little words…the smiles on their messy faces…and hugs around the neck that make our hearts melt!!!

But there is something even more special going on – it is a week of bringing everyone together from 3 states and begin the melding of the generations of our blended family.  It is a time when the kids roll into the kitchen in the morning and see Poppy already pouring over the Word before the day starts.  They look forward to the big circle of prayer as we gather holding hands to pray before our meals…and they know conversations that include love for The Lord are comfortable, natural and come second nature to all who have gathered.

Now – what you might now know – this is actually the picture of a miracle.  Just 13 years ago…none of the 14 who gathered this past summer knew Jesus as Lord and Savior.  We each have our own story…but it is the sweetest reminder of the promise God gave me on the day I was saved.  He gave me the word from Joel – promising that He would restore the years that had been lost.  And he has not only done  that…he has healed the land of hurt, unforgiveness, struggle and pain.

Four generations – from 89 to one that was still in the oven when we met this past June.  It is a precious memory that I carry in my heart.  It is the picture of  a family redeemed and restored.  It is modern-day proof that God is still honoring the prayer of King Solomon as he dedicated the Temple to The Lord saying, “May God, our very own God, continue to be with us – just as he was with our ancestors.  May her never give up – may he never walk out on us.”

So, whenever I get shaky in my faith – or waiver in my certainty of who God really is – all I have to do is remember this picture that is forever imprinted on my heart.  Then I know, without a doubt, that my God is FOREVER a promise keeper!!!

How about you?
Have a memory that gives you this kind of assurance?
Etch it on your heart.
Take a moment now and search for that memory…or savor the one that’s coming to mind.

Remember the miracles of God in your life…how far you have come….and give thanks!!!

But, if this is bringing pain and uncertainty.  Remember – no matter where things are at the moment – you  can rest in the assurance that God loves you – he loves your loved ones – and you can trust Him to continue the good work he has begun.

Just remember!