I love finding great devotionals and this year I’m reading an amazing collection of Sarah Young’s writings, “Jesus Calling”.

But that’s not the best part.  I bought copies of this devotional not just for myself but as Christmas gifts for my 3 daughters.  One by birth – two by marriage…yet all part of a beautiful blended family that only God could bring together the way he has.  (“That’s a story for another day!?!)

We are in 3 States but committed to reading daily and staying connected by posting comments in our private Facebook group that I created.  We share what God is stirring in our hearts – our vulnerable thoughts and questions – ask for prayer – and sing His praises for the way He is showing up in our daily lives.

We are just a couple weeks into it – and I have to tell you – it is amazing!!!

In fact, the other day I was writing a post – and as I did – I thought of you.  I knew in my spirit that the words I was sharing with my girls were words that might encourage you as well.

So…here is a glimpse into our private Facebook page from that day:

This morning, God took me on a little left turn.  As I read the additional Scripture in Romans 12:12…”joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer“. I immediately knew the key was hope. But what exactly is hope???

The definition that God brought to mind is “the confident expectation of good”. But honestly – how is that possible?  How can you be genuinely hopeful when the things you are facing seem so frightening – exhausting – uncertain?

As I studied and read the word GRACE kept coming up.

And, yes, as I let that word circle around in my brain, I began to know in my heart that it is only by the grace of God that we can have a constant expectation of good.  Grace is that unmerited favor He wants to give us when we are hitting the wall.

But is that really the full meaning of grace?

As I continued to search for more clarity, I Googled Joyce Meyer and found her definition of grace:

“God’s power to do -with ease- that which we could never do on our own.”

 Grace is God’s power!!! Wow…now that makes sense. Yet, how do we access that kind of power???

Here’s the good news…

It is a free gift…and all you have to do is receive it. Just know He is there…ready to pour it out…all you have to do is take it from his outstretched hand.

A few month’s ago, God gave me the phrase…”step into my grace space”.

Picture that place.  Picture your “grace space”.  As for me, I see His lap.

When I need God’s grace and power….I simply remember that hope can be found when I stop all the worry and the striving and just crawl up in my Father’s lap.  Resting in the ease of knowing – I can’t – but He can!!!

I am Praying for all of you as you move thru your crazy – busy lives. That you too will find a way to step into God’s grace space – receive his power – and be constantly in a place of hope!!!