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Dear Christian Women of Influence,

God has called me to create a new program designed just for you!  And I am launching it right now…right here…in Tampa Bay Florida.  

You have vision, passion and a sense of destiny, and you’re not about to stop there!

You are inspired to take the platform you have built  – the impact you have the power to make – and take it to the next level! 

Deep down  you know your work is not just a job – it is a calling! 

A calling to transform Tampa Bay, to impact the marketplace for Christ, and be all that God has called and created you to be…in life – in business – in relationships –  in the body of Christ – and in our community.

It takes a lot to keep up with all that you have on your plate.  With your position of influence comes the full expanse of business and leadership responsibilities as well as the challenge to  balance all the demands of  “everyday life”!

Whether you are running your own business – managing at an executive level – or leading a non-profit ministry, you know it can be lonely – and challenging – at the top! It can also be tough to balance all the things you value and want to give time to.

That’s exactly why this exclusive “mastermind group”  has been created. 

Christian Women of Influence (CWI) is

not just a social gathering…although we will take time to connect and have fun. 

not just a Bible Study…although we will definitely spend time in the Word of God!

Christian Women of Influence (CWI)  is designed to greatly enhance your progress through the power of women working together – combining the experience of all the members to solve problems, share advice, consider different perspectives and achieve goals with greater results than trying to go it alone!

What if…

  • What if you had the support of that kind of mastermind group?  Your own personal Advisory Board that can help you work smarter not harder?

  • What if that group was made up of women just like you…who know firsthand what it is to walk in your shoes?

  • And what if the woman chairing that group had a rock-solid resume of business success and coaching experience? 

  • What could you do???   

The Answer: Just about anything you put your mind to!!!

Christian Women of Influence  is looking for just 10 very special women to be the founding members of the inaugural group…women who not only want to make a real difference, but also want to be the nucleus of an organization committed to developing and leading the most  powerful mastermind groups ever created for Christian women in business, leadership and ministry! 

If two heads are better than one…

10 high powered women + 1 experienced coach would be TOTALLY amazing???

Here is my promise to YOU:

I am committed to gathering and leading intimate and powerful groups of amazing women.  The foundation will always be our faith and the common thread our desire to “stay in balance” as we  build highly successful businesses, ministries or organizations.  Membership will be “by invitation only”  to those who share your desire to continually improve the growth and profitability of your organization, impact the world through the work you do, and expand the influence God has given you the power to make! 

       If this is resonating with you…

If you think this is something you want to be a part of…

Please contact me to schedule a time to talk.

I look forward to providing all the information you need

to make an informed choice about CWI!

Contact me at:

Pam Wolf – (813) 968-9792 –


Please know I am continuing in prayer with great anticipation for all God has in store.

Let’s talk soon!

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